Friday, May 21, 2010

Kit Review and More Blog Giveaway Goodies

KKit Reviews and More Blog Giveaways

Was it Sybil Shepherd that was on the hair color commercials in the late 80's saying, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful?" Well, don't hate me because I seem to be on a roll of winning blog giveaway's lately even as I am way late in hosting my own--I promise I am making items just now for it between work, three children, etc., etc.

Above is a bunny in a basket kit I bought from Kitz ! Miniatures. You can find it under Furry Friends kits in the online catalog. It was easy to put together and I will use it in Joanna's nursery. So cute!
Next is a clock kit I purchased from Cynthia Howe's website, a Victorian style clock. Those tiny pieces are very delicate and you need to remove them from the laser cut sheet with an Xacto knife and use tweezers. A tiny piece did break off and I had to carefully glue it back in place. I painted the pendulum and the tiny delicate trim with gold metallic acrylic paint and the clock wooden parts with yellow ochre paint and then antiqued it with antiquing gel. I also sprayed several coats of varnish in hopes that it will help it not to break until I can install it in my long-awaited log cabin one day on the mantel.
Along with Monika's, Puno's Minis, beautiful lamp pictured below which she offered as a blog giveaway she sent this little piggie in a gift box! He will probably also have to reside in Joanna's nursery. And she loved the lamp so much that she has already laid claim to it as well. So, again, don't hate me for winning giveaways! LOL! They go to my child!
Deanna at De-Lightful Minis, also held a giveaway of this beautiful leather suitcase and here it sits beside one of my little sofa's. Perhaps my mini family is planning a weekend getaway and getting ready to pack! Of course, Joanna loved this as well so I suppose it will end up in her house! And last but not least, is the beautiful lamp from Monika! Thank you both for such wonderful treasures.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Goodies from The Whitaker's

Goodies in the Mail from The Whitaker's

I was thrilled to receive not only a wonderful book, The Visual Guide to Alice in Wonderland which I won on The Whitaker's Blog by naming her new doll, Gertrude or Gertie for short, but also a spooky stack of spell books, potion and a skull, eyeball plants and a wonderful striped black and purple witchy hat! All of these items, except for the full sized book, went straight in to the witch's cottage! Joanna seized the book as she and I went to see Alice in 3-D during her spring break and we both loved it.

I really want to crate the Mad Hatter's wonderful hat and will be searching for just the right silk to do it soon when I've fulfilled other obligations including some custom orders, my blog giveaway items and a swap. This is a pix of the Mad Hatter inside this wonderful book. Thank you to The Whitakers for such a wonderful giveaway! Joanna and I both appreciate it!
Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I also recently sought and received gracious permission from Anna Hardaman to post a pix of one of her beautiful dolls, her rendering of the White Queen. Anna is an extremely talented miniature doll artisan and I so admire her beautiful work. As a mostly lurking member of the MSAT doll list on Yahoo Groups, I get to drool over their magnificent creations. You can see more of Anna's amazing dolls here. As you can see, The White Queen is quite ethereal and beautiful.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In My Other Creative Life

In My Other Creative Life

I am a quilter. I work part-time at a local quilt shop and I teach classes. Recently, a friend, Jo Willa, unearthed a crazy quilt with the date 1889 and the initials L.T. on it. She doesn't know who made it but perhaps it was a sister of her great-grandmother's, Lyda Turpin, who would hae been 13 in 1889 or maybe it was made for her. It is quite a treasure of hand embroidery, velvet and some silk. There were two rat holes which are pictured below which I covered with more velvet and hand embroidery. Though this is my miniatures blog, I had to share this while I have it in my possession. In the photos below, I did the bullion roses and the embroidery around that patch and made a little oval velvet patch and embroidered it to cover a smaller hole. I am not a quilt restorer but hopefully, this will suffice through the remainder of this beauty's life.