Saturday, February 27, 2010

I would like to thank Glenda at Peppercorn Minis who passed this beautiful Kreativ Blogger Award to me and the stipulations are:

1. Thank the person that has given it to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.
5. Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers.
6. Post link to the 7 blogs that you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs nominated.

Hmmmm. . . . I'm a pretty boring, very transparent person so it's difficult to think of seven things about myself but here goes (I apologize in advance for boring you to tears if you read this--fair warning!):

1. I was adopted as a three month old infant through the state and feel that I was very lucky to have landed with the family I did but the drawback is a total lack of family medical history and a curiosity about possible genetic relatives.
2. I have tinnitus so hear a constant high pitched ringing in my ears that is loudest at night when the house is quiet and sometimes wakes me up.
3. I have always wanted to write a novel and have started a few plot lines but never finished them giving up in lack of self-confidence.
4. I come across as a very confident, bold, funny person who never meets a stranger but in big groups like parties, I am reluctant to meet new people and stick by my husband like glue.
5. I had surgery for skin cancer over my right eye two years ago with a skin graft from my right clavicle and am now paranoid about any suspicious little bump or lump and really need to have one checked out just now in my breast (too much info--sorry).
6. I had an irrational fear I wouldn't be able to have children as a young bride (possibly due to being adopted and feeling I was genetically 'alone' in the world) and promptly had two 21 months apart five years after we were married and then when they were 9 and 7, another one! We both got 'fixed'. LOL! But I appreciate my husband and children every day and know i don't deserve them.
7. I feel overwhelmingly guilty for not having established a lucrative career and only working part-time to be home with my children for the majority of our marriage which included a big crash and burn business failure from which we paid back every penny and I have tried to make a home business of every hobby and talent I have! So far, I've only been very marginally successful and survive paycheck to paycheck on my little pittance working part-time at a quilt shop while DH pays the lion's share of bills and yet, I persist and probably couldn't even get a full-time job now in our current economy so missed the boat somewhere along life's rocky shore! LOL! (Sorry to have put anyone to sleep who read this whole little diatribe of personal info!)

Anyhoo, I'd like to pass it on to the following seven bloggers I enjoy visiting:

Dale at Dale's Dreams
Lin at Lins Miniature Art Form
Carol at Wee Cute Treasures
Emmaflam & Miniman at Paris Miniautures
Jocelyn at AiClay
Deb at Loyalist Cottage
Miniature Patisserie Chef

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pussman's Blue Bear Giveaway and New Minis

Pussman & Company Little Blue Bear Giveaway

Pussman & Company
is celebrating her third year of blogging by giving away a special little blue bear. All you have to do is leave a comment and link the little bear to your blog.

I also thought I would show off two new mini acquisitions. A yellow handled broom from Marquis Miniatures on Etsy, a fellow member of Team MIDS, which will look perfect in my log cabin and a lovely rug from Dollhouse Decor, also on Etsy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If anyone can tell me how to upload multiple images in the new version, please let me know!  I've tried it three times and it only uploads one.

Box Pleated Floral Sofa and Occasional Table

A Box Pleated Sofa and an Occasional Table

I just finished my first little sofa with box pleats and am pleased with how it turned out.  I also have already sold one of the little occasional tables on Etsy and so have made two more to list.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Won! Thank You!

 I am so excited!  I was first runner up in the Valentine's drawing at Paris Miniatures!  I have copied and pasted the entry here:  Thank you so much!  I  was thrilled!!!!!!

Are You a Winner?! Avez-vous gagné?!

Ok, the draw has been made!  The names of all entrants were written on pink card hearts (to keep with the Valentine's theme!) and we're delighted to announce that the lucky winner of our Valentine's Day give-away of a  Limited Edition "Le Valentin 2010" is....

Ça y est, on a fait le tirage au sort, les noms étaient écrits sur des petits cœurs en bristol rose, pour rester dans l'ambiance, bien mélangés, et voici ce que j'ai pioché, les les yeux fermé, sans respirer (pour pas éparpiller les petits cœurs!!) 

Sylvia at


Not you?  Well hang on...there are two runners up!  
C'est pas vous?  Pas y a encore deux chances!

The first runner up wins a Red Rose Valentine's Cupcake Pastry Set...
Le premier gagne un petit assortiment de pâtisseries de Saint Valentin en rouge.....

and it's going to....

Jody at
Peach Blossom Hill

The second runner up wins a Pink Rose Valentine's Cupcake Pastry Set...
Et l'autre un petit assortiment de pâtisseries de Saint Valentin en rose....

which has been won by....

 Elena from

Congratulations to all three of you!
Félicitations à vous trois!

To claim your prize, email us as soon as possible at with your full name and postal address.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this give-away and we're sorry that not everybody could win...
Merci à tout le monde d'avoir participé, pas de gagnant en France, et nous sommes désolés que tout le monde n'ait pas pu gagner...

Chin up, there will be more give-aways...keep your eyes on the blog et have a great Sunday!
Mais ne désespérez pas, on y a pris goût, on le refera....gardez un œil sur le blog, et bon dimanche, les gens!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank You, Vicky!

Thank You, Vicky

Vicky Guile passed on the Sunshine Award to me on her blog and I so appreciate it as I have been absent from our blogosphere for a little while and this is my first award on getting back to it!

The award requires that you:

1. Post the award on my own blog.
2. In a blog post, name six blogs that I enjoy.
3. Let your six named bloggers know that you are passing the award on to them.

And I would like to pass it on to:

Kim at It's a Miniature Life
Katie at Katie's Clay Corner
Carol at Wee Cute Treasures
Kathi at Beautiful Mini Blessings
Kim at Flowers and Art
Eva at Mini Escenas y Manualidades

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Mini Acquisitions at the Atlanta Show!

My Mini Acquisitions at the Atlanta Show

Our whole family including my reluctant 17 year old son, Ben, went to the Atlanta show last weekend. Among my new treasures are a Boston Terrier for a planned Wofford College (my Dad's alma mater and my daughter's college) room box and the exact Brodnax material I needed for my log cabin curtains.
These were items I bought from Wright Guide Miniatures. Such a nice couple and such wonderful items. I especially love the Miracle Gro spikes and the Duracell batteries! Oh, and I forgot to show the Alka Seltzer. The Wrights have a website and I think it's listed in my website list at the bottom of my blog.
The little resin bunny I intend to put a little hat on for spring scenes and the porcelain bunny is my Lynn McEntire. I will try to add her website later but my computer isn't cooperating just now and I'm hurriedly posting before work with curlers in my hair!
The soil and lovely calendar are also from the Wright's and I forget the vendors from whom I bought the mugs.
The stag head was my splurge from Michael Reynolds of Exceptional Miniatures. Though I am not a hunter and we love the small herd of deer who bed down in our pasture at night (last Wednesday returning from our Ash Wednesday church service we counted 12!), every cabin has to have a deer head.

The show was a lot of fun and I was so glad we got to go as we have no brick and mortar mini shops in our region. I also have new followers to welcome and will do that in my next post but thank you so much! Now to get ready for work!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Days . . . . .

. . . . It doesn't do any good to get out of bed. I seem to have confused my Nicky's and my Nikki. I cannot be trusted to blog without help and poor Debbie with her current health issues is having to try to keep me straight as if she has time for that!!!!! LOL!

Here is what she wrote: Jody,
you've made another boob. LOL
Nicky cc or Nicky Cooper is the lady that makes the Dolls.
Nicky Rowe is the one that makes the Witchy stuff and she is the one you got confused with Mike Rowe
on face book.
Love Deb x

So my most profound apologies to our two Nicky's/Nikki's and to poor Debbie who has to travel all the way across the pond to try and get me sorted out! Thank you, Debbie, now go back to concentrating on staying well for us all!

Geesh! What a ditz I can be some days. Okay, back to work cutting fabric!

My Woops!

This morning in my haste to get a post in and rush to work, I neglected to investigate thoroughly and missed three blogs. One is Nikki whom I did n0t recognize by her full name and thought was already a follower. She can be found at She already knows I can be daft as the other day on Facebook, I gushed over her double barrel shotguns thinking it said Mike Rowe, not Nikki Rowe! Feeling my way through the internet without glasses that day!

Also, Debra Cripps, whose blog I already have on my list, can be found at

And Jain Squires can be found at and I have her listed as well.

My apologies for the oversight's and I hope everyone will visit you!

Welcome to New Followers and Thank You!

Welcome to New Followers and Thank You for Dropping By!

I have reached a milestone on my blog of now over 200 followers and I am working on some items to give away very soon as a celebration! I borrowed the above image from HGTV's Dream Home 2009. Such a lovely entranceway!

As I am typing this before I leave for work I can't give details about each one's blogs and talents but I have added those who have blogs to my blog list and hope you will check them out and follow them. Some are new bloggers and some offer tutorials and helpful hints and information. I thank them all for dropping by and visiting me! And just to think that when I began blogging about mini's I thought I was alone out here! So many to get around to and visit--I'll drop in between my mini pursuits, work, three children and life in general and I hope you will do the same here!

CW Poppets of

De of

Blue Kitty of

Daisy of

Norma of

Josje of A Beautiful World,

Mini Crochet Mad of

George The Mini Guy of

Anna Philpot of

Teresa of

Carol of

Dawn of

Debra Cripps (I don't see a blog for Debra but if you have one, please let us know!)

Karin F of Mini Ramblings and Musings,

MiniatureAllSorts (Again, I didn't find a blog but let me know where to find you!)

Aru of

Silki Janas-Schloesser of

Richard of Mini By Design,

Cre8, Andrea Stiner Herrera who has several blogs including

Jain Squires (I didn't find a blog for Jain but again, let me know!)

Mags Cassidy of

Nicola-Anne Cooper (again, no blog was listed but thank you, Nicola and let us know if you have a website or are blogging)!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Practicing Upholstering and a Blue Hydrangea

Practicing Upholstery

In addition to a few more hydrangea's on Etsy, I have been trying to master upholstering. This sofa was my first piece and there was quite a learning curve involved. I actually lay in bed when I couldn't sleep trying to figure out how best to tackle it. The next one I try, I will do the stuffing differently and also make a few other changes but basically, I like it! I would say more but we've got to head to piano lessons! Later!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thrilled Beyond Words!

Thrilled Beyond Words: My Dream Come True!

My poor long-suffering husband, Jerry, has not only put up with my various hobbies and creative pursuits which have run the gammut from oil painting to quilting to polymer clay and evolved to miniatures, but he supports me and helps me through everything I try (though it doesn't end up bringing us a single dime).

Years ago, in 1989, three years after we were married--yes, 25 years this July!--I bought an issue of Veranda magazine. In it was a feature spread on a log cabin in Highlands, NC just a few hours above us, owned by two designers from Atlanta. I fell in love with it. I kept that magazine dreaming of having a miniature log home one day based on that very cabin called Suga Place. In the ensuing years, through three children, the loss of a business, losing my mother to cancer and many more of the stresses, upheavals, sorrows and joys we experience along the route of marriage, I collected mini's toward my cabin including the red checked chairs by Lee's Line, a bear hall tree by Jeanetta Kendall and the skis pictured below by Taller Targioni of Spain.
And now, Jerry is building my dream cabin. My logs will be squre instead of round and some of the furnishings will be quite different but it will be based as closely as possible to Suga Place.
Ironic that part of their decor included minaiture room boxes like the one shown above on the dresser. You can enlarge the pix to see!
While I won't have a mini sheepdog, I may try to sculpt a Golden Doodle like our Scout. I do have the bear hall tree packed away and waiting.
Skis by Taller Targioni of Spain--one of my prized posessions I purchased from SP Miniatures several years ago.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to New Followers

Welcome! And Thanks to All Who Stop By!

As I've changed my blog name to Peach Blossom Hill and have sold several items on Etsy this year, I am so grateful for those of you who drop by to see what I'm up to, especially since I am often a sporadic blogger. I hope to be a more steady blogger and not let life's little incidents (and large incidents) keep me from it this year. And I hope to keep adding items to my little Etsy shop. Soon, I plan to have a blog giveaway just for being such a pain and asking everyone to update my blog name on their list! LOL! Thank you to all who visit me here and I hope you'll keep checking in.

I'd like to welcome some of my new followers: Julie Kendall, doll artisan

Tabitha Corsica of

Ana Anselmo of

Wendie Hurrell of

Lin's Minis of

Asuka Sakumo of Cloudy Purple Sky

Savannah Kelb of