Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Dolls and The Graduate

Baby Dolls and The Graduate

I ordered the Belly Button Babies mold set from Cynthia Howe and after much assistance via e-mail from Cynthia and Terri Davis, mini doll maker extraordinaire, I finally managed to put one together and to dress it! You can put this little thing in your hand and have plenty of room left over! And before even learning how to best assemble them, I ordered the yawning set. I will pour them soon! It only took me about five attempts to create a bodice and sleeves. This is not the best photo but I've been working on various projects all day in my basement and just took the pix in my living room with overhead light.

This tiny baby will go in Joanna's nursery and it is lying on one of the items I will be giving away which I will hopefully post next week in my long-overdue Blog Giveaway!

I also was most fortunate on my recent very odd winning streak of blog giveaways to win this little darling clothespin doll from Carol of Wee Treasures! Isn't she the sweetest little thing you have ever seen? think I will !name her Adelaide. She had to go out on my front porch to pose in front of the peonies. I love her!
And I also had to post this pix of my son, Ben at his Baccalaureate ceremony with his sisters, Maggie and Joanna. He surprised us by being named an Honors Graduate (the ability and intelligence are certainly there--he just sometimes doesn't give it his all scholastically!). He will go to Clemson University in the fall studying agriculture education (if he doesn't change his mind!) Graduation was Friday night and Jerry's birthday (49 and holding) was Saturday--I took him to see Robin Hood which was very good--and then Memorial Day was yesterday and we joined friends for a hamburger cookout.
My children, Maggie, 20 (almost), Ben, 18 and Joanna, 10, almost 11!


Catherine said...


The Belly Button Baby is so cute! I can't imagine making that itsy bitsy doll such a cute dress.
Adelaide is adorable! What a great prize.
Your children are gorgeous!!! How lucky you are to have such a nice family. I will keep my fingers crossed that Ben doesn't change his mind again. LOL This is a much better idea than his last one though! ;-)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you, Catherine! Yes, I hope he stays focused on college! That tiny baby just about did me in! LOL! But I am hoping practice makes near-perfect! haha!

Hope you are well-thank you for 'dropping by'!


Deb said...

Wow! You are super talented to make those dolls. You must be very proud of your son.

Merry Jingle said...

You've done fab job with the baby doll :)

And congratulations to Ben, you have a beautiful family :)

Puppenstubennostalgie said...

Die kleine Puppe gefällt mir gut und besonders das kleine Kleid mit der rosa Schleife.... sehr hübsch.

Und Deine Kids.... sehr reizend. Was ist man so stolz wenn Sie groß sind.

Liebe Grüße an Dich Jody


Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Jody, What celebrations you have had - and congratulations to Ben! I am so glad you like Adelaide and she will be really happy to have your own little baby doll as a friend. So cute!

Thank you for your comments about my geraniums/pelagoniums (they are commonly called geraniums here too, but I use their proper name because I also grow true geraniums in my garden which are different!!)

Your children look lovely in that photo. You must be so proud.
Hugs, Carol xoxox

miniacollection said...

The baby doll is too cute. Congratulations.
Congratulations also to your son, you must be very proud. You've got beautiful children.

Kim said...

congrats to Ben first- and such good looking children you have! The baby is so cute! You did a really awesome job on her :)

Norma said...

Oh I can't imagine the challenges in dressing such a tiny litte doll! Well done, she's very cute, Joanna must be delighted to have a baby for her nursery.

And how gorgeous your three kids are! Good luck to Ben for college.

Jean Day said...

So many things for you to be thrilled about, you are so blessed. What beautiful and handsome kids. Wonderful for Ben to have graduated with Honors. Love your doll and what a sweet dress, terrific job, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Adelaide is adorable. Mini Hugs, Jean

marilise said...

congratulations to Ben and your lovely family !!!!!
the belly buton baby is really cute !!!!!!

Eva said...

You have a wonderful family!!