Friday, May 21, 2010

Kit Review and More Blog Giveaway Goodies

KKit Reviews and More Blog Giveaways

Was it Sybil Shepherd that was on the hair color commercials in the late 80's saying, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful?" Well, don't hate me because I seem to be on a roll of winning blog giveaway's lately even as I am way late in hosting my own--I promise I am making items just now for it between work, three children, etc., etc.

Above is a bunny in a basket kit I bought from Kitz ! Miniatures. You can find it under Furry Friends kits in the online catalog. It was easy to put together and I will use it in Joanna's nursery. So cute!
Next is a clock kit I purchased from Cynthia Howe's website, a Victorian style clock. Those tiny pieces are very delicate and you need to remove them from the laser cut sheet with an Xacto knife and use tweezers. A tiny piece did break off and I had to carefully glue it back in place. I painted the pendulum and the tiny delicate trim with gold metallic acrylic paint and the clock wooden parts with yellow ochre paint and then antiqued it with antiquing gel. I also sprayed several coats of varnish in hopes that it will help it not to break until I can install it in my long-awaited log cabin one day on the mantel.
Along with Monika's, Puno's Minis, beautiful lamp pictured below which she offered as a blog giveaway she sent this little piggie in a gift box! He will probably also have to reside in Joanna's nursery. And she loved the lamp so much that she has already laid claim to it as well. So, again, don't hate me for winning giveaways! LOL! They go to my child!
Deanna at De-Lightful Minis, also held a giveaway of this beautiful leather suitcase and here it sits beside one of my little sofa's. Perhaps my mini family is planning a weekend getaway and getting ready to pack! Of course, Joanna loved this as well so I suppose it will end up in her house! And last but not least, is the beautiful lamp from Monika! Thank you both for such wonderful treasures.


Merry Jingle said...

Well, I have to tell you that... you've missed one winning, you've won a pumpikin in Wendie's give away :D

You really should fill a couple of lottery tickets with your luck :D

All your new stuff is fab :)


Catherine said...

YES.. Do run out and buy a lottery ticket. You're on a roll. lol
What wonderful goodies!!! Lucky you! :-)
I remember talking to you about those clocks. I am so glad you found one you liked. It looks fantastic!!!

Norma said...

Hey, we're all delighted for you Jody - as they say 'what goes around comes around' and you are so kind to others that this is your 'come around' :) Good luck with the lottery because I want you to come visit me!!

Deb said...

Lucky you, what a haul!

dale said...

All so many goodies! You are a lucky girl! :)

Especially love the suit case and the lamp.

You are on a roll, good for you! :)

Carol said...

What a nice clock. It's hard to believe that you put it together from a kit.

Your luck at giveaways is uncanny! I agree with the others, please go out and buy a lottery ticket! If you win, I hope that you will host many giveaways!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you all!

Carol, since it's laser cut, the clock is already pre-cut with all of that filigree and just joined at one spot on the sheet of wood. You just cut that little joint with an Xacto very carefully and it easily drops out. However, you just have to be very careful in handling it to glue it together as if you sneeze, practically, a tiny part will fall off. I am hoping the layers of paint and varnish will keep it intact until I can put it where I want it to sit permanently in my log cabin DH says he will work on this winter after hay season!


Wee Cute Treasures said...

Heh Jody - you are on a roll!!!! Please drop over to my blog where an award awaits you. Hugs, Carol xoxox

Eva said...

Lucky, lucky girl :) wow!
Thanks Jody for your always nice comments and support :)
Un beso ( a kiss in Spanish)


Sans said...

O my, when it rains it pours but this one is good. For us Chinese, rain means water and water means money :):).

So many beautiful things. Thanks for the link to Cynthia Howe :) If only I can laser cut filigree, I can make sooooo many Indian furniture :).

Peach Blossom Hill said...

The laser cut clock is already 'pre-filigree'd'! It is simply attached by a tiny 1/8" sgment in the wood sheet. When you cut that with an Xacto knife, the whole thing just falls out. The back, pendulum, little filigree medallion thing and the thin outline piece in gold are all on two sheets and there is just a bit of gluing and either staining or painting to be done. The only tricky part is not accidentally knocking any of the filigree off while handing it or painting it! And then my challenge will be to keep it safely intact until it can be installed on my log cabin mantel!

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments!


Kim said...

Jody- the clock is so beautiful!

Jean Day said...

I just found your name on Wendies's blog giveaway too, my goodness, I'm very jealous!!! It is quite extraordinary, but it does seem to be the norm for you!!! The kits you made look wonderful too, I love the detail of Cynthia Howe's lazer kits. Joanna is so lucky too.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice gifts! Congratulations on all your winnings.
Have a great weekend.

PetiteCreation said...

wow! congratulation! So many wonderful goodies!! Very lucky! =D

Liberty Biberty said...

Wonderful winnings Jody and that little bunny kit is the cutest thing!