Friday, April 30, 2010

Yellow Chaise with Trim

I took Karin (Orr Lake Musings) advice and added trim to my little yellow chaise and like it much better. And with the little pillow, I think it's cute. I have so many other fabrics I'd like to use to make some of these and must get back to the sofa's also. And I thought I would share pix of a local field of irises on the back road Joanna and I take every morning on the way to her school. They are beautiful!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awards and Goodies

Awards and Goodies from Merry Jingle and Anna

I'd like to thank Sonya from Cannella e Melongrano for these two awards and her kind comments in giving them to me! I will have to pass them on and fulfill their requirements after work today!

These are beads I won in a giveaway from Mini Anna Lee (will give the link later--blogger has not been cooperative this morning). And she made the cutest little pipe cleaner bear that will go in Joanna's nursery. Now I need to learn all the things I can do with these wonderful beads!

And also Joanna's and my goodies from Ira of Merry Jingle arrived and what a wonderful bounty. We had swapped some items and I never expected such a bounty. Precious things for Joanna's nursery and also some wonderful things that I love for my log cabin. The ewer will be perfect and so will the elk! I love him. She also sent the fabric and trim pictured above!

Well, off to work with me--I will post links later when I can! Thank you to Anna, Ira and Sonya!
I love the delicate butterfly and the tarts are wonderful, Ira!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Award For Friends!

I'd like to pass the Premio award from Karin at Mini Ramblings and Musings to

Carol at Wee Cute Treasures. She is such a sunny, sweet person and I am enjoying her progress on Honey Bee Cottage. She makes the sweetest little dolls that remind me of the clothespin dolls our Appalachian mountain dwellers used to make but her's are so much more colorul, detailed and sweet. I'd so love to visit her in Ireland!

And to Norma at Make Mine Mini, such a wonderful new friend in Australia who has actually called me twice to chat! I was so amazed to get a phone call from a friend around the world! And Norma is posting so many wonderful tips on printing to wood and fabric just now on her blog. I'd love to go see Norma one day, too!

Deb at Loyalist Cottage. Deb has become another friend I enjoy 'dropping in on'. Her posts are filled with mini news and her lovely things she cherishes in her home. And so many of her posts are filled with humor and make me smile and laugh every time!

Catherine from Kilmouski & Me. I often dream that I stumble upon a quaint little shop filled with affordable miniatures, a treasure trove of delights and now I am dreaming of finding Catherine's beautiful metal teapots and creations, shelf upon shelf of them for the asking! They are exquisite.

And thank you, Karin, another new blogging friend for passing this award on to me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank you, Karin!!!

An Award from Karin!

Thank you, Karin at Mini Ramblings and Musings gave me this award and I so appreciate it and I promise I will share it tomorrow when my headache is past! LOL! Karin has been so kind to offer me advice and friendship lately and I appreciate it so much. My husband teases me that my blogging friends are my 'imaginary friends'! He is just teasing me but he doesn't realize how much I appreciate the wonderful friendships I have made through blogging. I'd just love to visit you all in your 'exotic', faraway locales! Especially those of you in Australia, Canada, France and Brazil, for example!

Karin is also hosting a giveaway (something I am far behind in doing but I am working on some items so stay tuned soon!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Estate Miniatures

Estate Miniatures For Sale

I will post thank you's for some goodies I have won recently and also welcome new followers but I had to quickly share some of the mini's I am purchasing from a lady who used to have a brick and mortar store in our region with her late husband. I spent the morning there and the rest of the day listing some of these on eBay,

I hope you will run over if you get a chance and see what I have to offer and if anything will work for your collection. I have also listed some items and will list more on Miniatures Only Auctions, MOA where I am joraines. Some of the pieces are Bespaq and there is some Reutter's Chrysnbon, Bodo Hennig, Aztec and other well known makers. Thank you for taking a look and I hope to catch up with everyone soon!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Swap from Norma! So Precious!

Our Swap Items Arrived from Norma!

Joanna and I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D yesterday and bought her Easter dress and shoes. We were thrilled when we got home to find our package from Norma Bennet of Make Mine Mini in Australia! It was filled with goodies for Joanna's nursery in her Victoria's Farmhouse we are finally finishing! There was a little growth chart, a beautiful printie, a package of diapers, a baby doll in a box, a rocking horse toy and most specail of all, a sweet little knitted dress on a hanger! We took pix of the pretty little pink packages with heart stickers and then of the goodies inside! Joanna was thrilled as you can tell! And to make it even more a special swap, Norma actually called me last Friday morning to thank me for her package. It was so lovely to hear that beautiful Australian accent and such a special phone call! My family couldn't believe it--especially as Jerry teases me about my 'imaginary friends in our blogging community! LOL! So, a great big thank you to Norma for such special little gifts for Joanna's nursery!