Monday, March 1, 2010

Punch Needle Rug and New Followers!

A Punch Needle Rug and New Followers!

I have finally finished a punch needle rug for my log cabin which is currently under construction by DH (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for snow tomorrow so he will be home to work on it!) I drew the design based on what I could see of one in my dream log cabin that I posted pix of a few weeks back. It was one featured in Veranda magazine in 1989! You could barely see the top third of it and I drew a design freehand and filled in what I couldn't see with a little scene. I see that there are some white spots showing through--I seem to be having a bit of difficulty catching on to the subtle nuances of the technique which mainly involves punch, drag, punch, drag. . . but for some reason, perfection eludes me. But I guess it's nothing a black Sharpie can't disguise. And also, no veins in the leaves which I should have included. I would love any construcive critiques!
Here is a closeup. Glenda Howell of Peppercorn Minis who makes beautiful rya rugs, has graciously agreed to test this pattern herself and I may refine it and offer it as a pattern in my little Etsy shop to see if there are any takers.
You can find several sources for miniature punch needle rugs, patterns, kits and instruction around the web and I've added some of the sites of my links list at the bottom of my blog including Janet Conner renders both large sized hooked rugs and offers lovely little mini's. I wrote her to tell her I appreciated her tips and added her site to my links list and she wrote me back a very gracious response. I also love Joan Grimord's designs and have done her little bunny rug for Joanna's dollhouse bathroom. Also there is Attic Heirlooms and Amherst Antiques among other sites offering miniature punch needle designs and information. You can click on any of the titles and go to their websites.

I would also like to thank the following new followers and remind everyone that I do plan to have a blog giveaway at some point (after I've participated in a planned swap or two and get some things ready to go)!

Whittaker's Miniatures- I have followed their blog for years but 'misplaced' them when I changed my blog name and had to go out and find everyone again!

Jenny Matlock--Jenny has several blogs and seems to be a happy person and I've added her main blog to my list to follow.

Kiva Atkinson--Kiva's beautiful polymer clay foods are world-renowned and I'm privileged to have her follow me.

Mini Maker--Her blog, My Small Obsessions and her website have some lovely items to get lost in and I am sure I will have to navigate my way back out on a regular basis.

Karin--I didn't see a blog link and I'm not sure if you are Karin Corbin whose blog I love for the woodworking, brick making and other tutorials. If not, I welcome you Karin and if you have a blog I can add to my list, let me know.

Anneke--Is a relatively new blogger (and new to me especially and I'm glad I found her) from the Netherlands who shares her mini projects.

Claudia--Whose lovely blog, Mockingbird Hill Cottage, has lots of cozy, cottagy eye candy to peruse.

Click on any of their names and it will take you straight to their blogs (unless I misspelled anything) and I have also added them all to my blog list and will try to visit them as often as I can to see what they are up to. Thank you all!


De said...

Jody, your rug is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see it in that cabin once your DH gets it finished.

Dawn said...

There is an award awaiting for you on my blog.

Jody your rug is gorgeous.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you both--Dawn I'll head over and retrieve it! Thank you!


Glenda said...

Jody, the rug and the sofa are exquisite!
I may have been jumping the gun - I'll have to get out my punchneedle, it's been lurking in my hoard for years. I got nerve damage in my arms about 15 years ago and it never went away. It means that some sustained movements are too painful to pursue (I had to kiss goodbye to knitting, crochet, fine x-stitch, and lacemaking which was my favourite - waah!) so I'll try the punchneedle and let you know. My ryas are ok if I pace myself, depending on whether I've been doing other stuff like driving, gardening etc.
I've been looking at American colonial/naive rugs, and they didn't put veins in the leaves. Your colour here is excellent too.
Colouring the background before starting would certainly eliminate any worries!

Daisy said...

I LOVE punch needle and your rug is so perfect for the log cabin setting! My skills are nowhere near yours so I really admire you!

PetiteCreation said...

very beautiful rug! great combination with the sofa! I think it will fit your new cabin perfectly! =)

Kim said...

Blasted Jody! I am still not getting your blog updates and I have missed lots! I must be doing something wrong- I must make a mental note to just come here to check up on what you are doing! I love your rug- it turned out beautiful and what a fantastic job you did on the design- the colors are my faves! I am going to be many shades of green with envy when your cabin is built!! I love all the items you got at the show also! Punch needle looks pretty fun!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you all for the kind comments on my little rug! Wish there weren't spots showing through but will try to figure out how to remedy that on the next one!

Kim, don't know why the problems? Casey had the same problem for some reason and had to start following me again! Sorry--it was probably changing my blog name that messed things up but I hope you can visit me!


Kim said...

don't worry Jody- just mad at myself that I forgot to check as I really love your work and hate to miss it! I have you on my sidebar on my blog and that works, so now I am keeping an eye on that just in case. I love your new name!

Jean Day said...

What a fabulous hooked rug, the design and colours are so rich and warm, perfect for your log cabin!

Amy said...

Thanks for the advice to a new blogger, and sharing such wonderful work with us, your creations and all the artists you listed-(especially that fantastic polymer food!)

Ana Anselmo said...

hi! Jody, I love your rug, I also want to try this technique, but it seems quite dificult to me.

Bubba's Minis (Barbara) said...

Your rug is absolutely beautiful