Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to New Followers and Thank You!

Welcome to New Followers and Thank You for Dropping By!

I have reached a milestone on my blog of now over 200 followers and I am working on some items to give away very soon as a celebration! I borrowed the above image from HGTV's Dream Home 2009. Such a lovely entranceway!

As I am typing this before I leave for work I can't give details about each one's blogs and talents but I have added those who have blogs to my blog list and hope you will check them out and follow them. Some are new bloggers and some offer tutorials and helpful hints and information. I thank them all for dropping by and visiting me! And just to think that when I began blogging about mini's I thought I was alone out here! So many to get around to and visit--I'll drop in between my mini pursuits, work, three children and life in general and I hope you will do the same here!

CW Poppets of

De of

Blue Kitty of

Daisy of

Norma of

Josje of A Beautiful World,

Mini Crochet Mad of

George The Mini Guy of

Anna Philpot of

Teresa of

Carol of

Dawn of

Debra Cripps (I don't see a blog for Debra but if you have one, please let us know!)

Karin F of Mini Ramblings and Musings,

MiniatureAllSorts (Again, I didn't find a blog but let me know where to find you!)

Aru of

Silki Janas-Schloesser of

Richard of Mini By Design,

Cre8, Andrea Stiner Herrera who has several blogs including

Jain Squires (I didn't find a blog for Jain but again, let me know!)

Mags Cassidy of

Nicola-Anne Cooper (again, no blog was listed but thank you, Nicola and let us know if you have a website or are blogging)!


Deb said...

Hi It's Debra Cripps

Debbie said...

Jodi here's Nicky's blog Link:-
and her website is:-

Debbie said...

Jody this is Jain Squires Links:- and web site:-

Kim said...

oh darn Jody- I messed up changing you in my feed and I have missed tons of wonderful posts- I was feeling all smart thinking I did it right too. I reclicked follow- hope that sorts me out- I have to go catch up now---I saw some amazing things!!!