Friday, February 5, 2010

Thrilled Beyond Words!

Thrilled Beyond Words: My Dream Come True!

My poor long-suffering husband, Jerry, has not only put up with my various hobbies and creative pursuits which have run the gammut from oil painting to quilting to polymer clay and evolved to miniatures, but he supports me and helps me through everything I try (though it doesn't end up bringing us a single dime).

Years ago, in 1989, three years after we were married--yes, 25 years this July!--I bought an issue of Veranda magazine. In it was a feature spread on a log cabin in Highlands, NC just a few hours above us, owned by two designers from Atlanta. I fell in love with it. I kept that magazine dreaming of having a miniature log home one day based on that very cabin called Suga Place. In the ensuing years, through three children, the loss of a business, losing my mother to cancer and many more of the stresses, upheavals, sorrows and joys we experience along the route of marriage, I collected mini's toward my cabin including the red checked chairs by Lee's Line, a bear hall tree by Jeanetta Kendall and the skis pictured below by Taller Targioni of Spain.
And now, Jerry is building my dream cabin. My logs will be squre instead of round and some of the furnishings will be quite different but it will be based as closely as possible to Suga Place.
Ironic that part of their decor included minaiture room boxes like the one shown above on the dresser. You can enlarge the pix to see!
While I won't have a mini sheepdog, I may try to sculpt a Golden Doodle like our Scout. I do have the bear hall tree packed away and waiting.
Skis by Taller Targioni of Spain--one of my prized posessions I purchased from SP Miniatures several years ago.


WendiesMiniWorld said...

:o) this proves the saying that 'all things come to those who wait'! I think it sounds a wonderful project that you will have such fun putting together.
There must be something in the air today with hubby's, cos mine decided that today he would help me to make a roof for my Skool of Majick so that finally it can be completed. (Its only been in the making 2 years so I obviously dont have the same patience as you! LOL)

Tabitha Corsica said...

You lucky duck! But it is wonderful to finally realize your dream. THe two of you will have such fun!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

That is wonderful - please keep us up dated on it's progress. Like your new name, and glad you let me know about the change. I have made the changes on my lists.
Great snow pictures.
Have a great weekend.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you all! Wendie, let's hope it continues.

Tabitha, if I can get him to finish it before hay season starts!

Glenda, thank your for updating my info!


Debbie said...

How wonderful. Your very own miniature log cabin after such a long wait. Looking forward to seeing the work in progress..xx

dale said...

I'm here, Peach! ;)

Can't wait to see how the log house progresses, I love your inspiration photos. :)

PetiteCreation said...

Great that you can achieve ur dream!!! It is great to have your miniature cabin house!! very pretty pictures! =]

George the Miniguy said...

This cabin is delightful! I love the handles on the dresser. Did you buy those or did you make them yourself?


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Actually, these are pix of the actual cabin I am trying to replicate as closely as possible to the original, George! I so wish I were already the proud owner of my finished cabin!


miniaturist59 said...

OMG!!! This cabin is insane, Jody!! This would be MY dream cabin, too ;-)

Kim said...

I really cannot wait to see work on this- I have always dreamed of having a log cabin, but it is just not in our budget. The decor is right up my alley though- I imagine this is going to be a work of art!!!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

LOL! It's pretty slow going and soon, hay season will start up again so I'm hoping he can make headway before then, Kim!


cockerina said...

I love your sofa!
The Mountain House is my project also, you can see it on my blog:

I enrolled in your blog to see the progress of your cabin and be inspired!
a hug from faraway Italy!