Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Days . . . . .

. . . . It doesn't do any good to get out of bed. I seem to have confused my Nicky's and my Nikki. I cannot be trusted to blog without help and poor Debbie with her current health issues is having to try to keep me straight as if she has time for that!!!!! LOL!

Here is what she wrote: Jody,
you've made another boob. LOL
Nicky cc or Nicky Cooper is the lady that makes the Dolls.
Nicky Rowe is the one that makes the Witchy stuff and she is the one you got confused with Mike Rowe
on face book.
Love Deb x

So my most profound apologies to our two Nicky's/Nikki's and to poor Debbie who has to travel all the way across the pond to try and get me sorted out! Thank you, Debbie, now go back to concentrating on staying well for us all!

Geesh! What a ditz I can be some days. Okay, back to work cutting fabric!


Debbie said...

LOL Well you got there in the end

hannajaleijona said...

Hi Jody!

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for being always so couraging in your comments. I love your hydrangeas and bird-scolptures and the upholstered sofa I saw at facebook some time ago is just gorgeous. I often forget to mention how much I like people's work, but now I remembered to mention it to you...