Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Woops!

This morning in my haste to get a post in and rush to work, I neglected to investigate thoroughly and missed three blogs. One is Nikki whom I did n0t recognize by her full name and thought was already a follower. She can be found at She already knows I can be daft as the other day on Facebook, I gushed over her double barrel shotguns thinking it said Mike Rowe, not Nikki Rowe! Feeling my way through the internet without glasses that day!

Also, Debra Cripps, whose blog I already have on my list, can be found at

And Jain Squires can be found at and I have her listed as well.

My apologies for the oversight's and I hope everyone will visit you!


Julie Kendall said...

Hello Jody
jUst found you....I misplaced you
hope your well and having a fab day:O)
julie from

Debbie said...

Jody you've done it again Nicky Cooper is the lady that makes the Dolls.
Nikki Rowe is the lady that makes the Witchy Stuff and she is the one you got confused with on facebook the other day. LOL..

WendiesMiniWorld said...

LOL, I have days like this too :o)