Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Wedding and Some Mini Progress

A Few of the Min's I've Been Working On and a Wedding!

The above picture is of a sewing cabinet I've put together in hoping I can reopen my Etsy shop soon with an emphasis on miniatures. It's either find ways to make extra dough or find that dreaded mind-numbing full-time 9 to 5 gig. In the foreground are hydrangea's. I am a messy crafter so you see all the bits and pieces of glue and paper lying around. The true me.
I've also been working on some poly clay pumpkins, a rooster decorator item and a rabbit. The rooster will be painted some more before he is done. Now this rabbit is to be furred. Therefore he is probably entirely too big and fat! I've got to learn to sculpt smaller and leaner but at least, I think, he captures the essence of 'rabbit'. At least I hope! The pile of leaves are some I've punched and painted with acrylics.
Joan A. from one of the Yahoo Groups I'm a member of announced a mini e-mail yard sale and I wrote asking for this china set and the brass pitcher. The tea kettle was a Dejoux Miniatures purchase. Joan kindly offered in lieu of an outright sale, a trade. I'm to make her some drapes and Colonial diapers (so if anyone knows how Colonial diapers may have differed from modern cloth diapers, I'm all ears--I Google'd it and found nada except that babies during that time wore long dressed regardless of gender).
I also got around to pouring some of my House of Caron housewares molds. Alot of pouring to go before I fill up the Skutt kiln with these tiny wares!
And this is the bride and groom, Victoria and Justin. I grew up with his mother and as my late mother used to direct weddings, I am sometimes asked to direct them for folks from my hometown. Jerry, Maggie and I did Justin's older sister, Erin's wedding and his, last night, was the fourth we've done. It went very weel. She was radiant and beautiful and he was very handsome in his tux. Plus there were two precious flower girls, a beautiful little miniature brider, her young sister and a handsome miniature groom as well as the beautiful young maids, matrons and groomsmen. It was a fun wedding and reception. And as Maggie and Jerry do most of the actual traffic control, Jerry heads up the ushers responsibilities and Maggie the bridesmaids, I mainly run around pinning on corsages, checking on the guest arrivals and wring my hands. So, a good working relationship. And as this bride and groom are both sherrif deputies, I wish them a lifetime of happiness and safety!

Monday, August 17, 2009

We Got Our Bike, Me 24 Years Ago, Stuff . . .

We Got Our Bike!

Remember I wanted Joanna's house to have a bike like Amyla's on Flickr (see my previous post a few weeks ago)? We got our bike from Hong Kong and I love it! It is 1:12th scale and the back wheels even spin when you turn the pedals! We got it from Speedfind on eBay, and the price was great. I think it was $2.95 plus about $10 shipping. So, I highly recommend them now!

ANIMOTO. Another great site I found through the Etsy forums is Animoto!! You can upload your photos from a photo site or your picture files on your computer, choose a song and they create a little short movie for you. A lot of Etsy vendors are using it to promote their shop items. I made one of my three children when they were small and plan to make more. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see it.

Also, check out the Back to School Sale at Dejoux Miniatures. I feel party responsible for Charles Deyou, owner, extending the recent sale he offered on his already low prices. I wrote and told him it was back to school time and therefore I couldn't take advantage of the sale because of back to school expenses. He wrote commisserating with me but also pointing out how difficult it is for businesses to survive with their normal margins which I do understand having owned businesses and working for a small business. So, go shop at Dejoux and enter code 0904BTS to save 15% on your entire order! I'll go there this week as well.

Now I thought I would show you what I looked like 24 years ago. I found my engagement picture taken when I was a 22 year old college senior and ready to get married a month after graduation. Look at all of that hair and the lack of pudginess and wrinkles! Three children and almost a quarter of a century later, as you can see from my profile pix, I don't quite look the same!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bunny Rug Attempt and Official Documents

My Attempt at One of Joan Grimord's Rugs

I've sent this pix of my nearly completed attempt at her punch needle bunny rug to Joan Grimord to see if she thinks the 'extra small' needle for the Cameo Punch is actually not small enough for her little rugs. I'm not entirely happy with this poor little guy but he is going in Joanna's nursery anyway when he's finished. I teach quilting classes, do thread paintings, mastered heirloom sewing and smocking but punch needle is kicking me! And, my gosh, the technique is pretty simple: Punch, drag, Punch, drag . . . . .
I finally put up our building permit--good thing we weren't fined before now having not posted it!
Now I know all of you true mini artisans in our little blogging community usually show your exquisitely beautiful finished--and perfect--creations. But being an old country shoe as I am, I show the good, the bad and the ugly. This is the progress I've made so far--the roof gave me some difficulties and I admit having to go at it with a hammer to loosen the wood glue and reposition it but I am bursting with pride: I didn't have to whine to DH! So give me a gold button. I 'done' it my own self. So there.

And as an aside, I'm actually thinking of opening an Etsy store for mini's. Between my part-time job and three children, I can't put a ton of things in but I've either got to augment my little part-time gig or go to work digging graves (about what my late great 'liberal arts' degree and my resume which screams, "Has avoided full-time employment like the plague" will qualify me for). Hay isn't selling gang busters this year and we're still trying to climb out of the hole life left us in in April when everone's cars had to have major repairs at once and some of the household appliances joined in the melee for fun and DH had to have $800 worth of wisdom teeth removed. Anyone have any advice or suggestions about Etsy mini shops?

Friday, August 7, 2009

We Got Mail! Thank you, Donna!

Lookie What We Got!

Donna at Hager's Bears,, was so very kind to send us one of her precious and detailed little poly clay dolls and a little teapot for Joanna's nusery! They came in the mail yesterday and we were thrilled! Her work is just exquisite as you can see. I've put them here in Joanna's nursery furniture piece to photograph. The little pink bear and the stacking toy were earlier gifts from Katie at Katie's Clay Corner, They will add so much to the nursery! Thank you, Donna and also Katie.
I couldn't get Dolly to stand up but was hastily snapping these pix before I have to get ready for work. Isn't it great to be a part of such a sharing, giving community of mini friends?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fourth Photo Challenge

The Fourth Photo Challenge

I received the challenge making the rounds to post the fourth photo from the fourth file in your computer on your blog and pass it on to four others.

This was one of my favorite photos of Maggie, far left, and her friends, Casey, Nikki and Alex before the 2007 Chapman High Prom and thanks to Mercedes for giving me an opportunity to share it! We had the girls and the boys all go to a local park, Cleveland Park in Spartanburg and took photos around the lake and in the gazebo. They were all leaning forward to get down to little Casey's height. She may be five feet tall but I'm not sure. Aren't they beautiful?! This was my favorite of Maggie's evening gowns and she won runner up in the Miss Panorama contest in it. She looked so elegant. Lucky for her, she takes after her father in looks! LOL!

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