Friday, July 31, 2009

Accessories and a Funny Story!

Accessorizing and a Little Mini Funny!While taking inventory as far as the furniture and accessories we have for Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse, I realized there is actually more furniture than accessories. So, here are a few items we've received from various places lately including Mainly Mini's, Hobby Builder's Supply and other spots. We now have cleaner, extension cords, a smoke detector, some junk food, a porch swing, barbeque grill and US Postal Service packages.

Oh, and the trash can although I'm ashamed to see there are metal cans in there. I preach recycling around here! Oh, and I have found a bike the eBay seller claims is 1:12th and ordered it so fingers crossed it actually is 1:12th!.

Now for the funny story. Jodi Creager showed the scene she disovered, the trolls roasting poor Barbie over the heat of a saucepan! So, I thought I'd share my funny story about my 19-year-old, Maggie, one of the quintessential 'good girls' though no one can figure out where she got it-Haha.

Recently one evening, she and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and I had my laptop open perusing a mini shopping site. I periodically turned the laptop toward her to show her the goodies I was finding: "Look, Maggie! A miniature golf cart!" "Look! A mini bird feeder!" She would glance over and nod politely hardly taking her eyes off the TV. I clicked on a section titled 'Adult' Items wondering what in the world could be there??. There was a tiny garter belt, fancy fluffy bodice, jock strap, etc. and then I came upon a box of 'preventatives.' I turned the laptop to Maggie and said, "Look, Maggie! You don't want your little people reproducing at will so you have to provide these for them." She glanced over, did a double take and said, "WHAT?! I don't know what kind of dolls you had but mine were always PURE!!!!" LOL! So Funny!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Searching For A Bicycle!

The Great Bicycle Search

I 'borrowed' this pix from Amyla's photostream on Flickr. She is a mixed media artist and has the most beautifully detailed dollhouse that she rescued from the landfill where someone had discarded it and which I have blogged about before. You can see her dollhouse photos on Flickr here:

Sometimes, I just go there for inspiration. This bicycle, I think, is a Heidi Ott. I may be wrong. I commented on the photo above which shows her riding her bicycle at age nine but must head out to work so haven't heard from her yet.

I really want this bicycle for Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse but it has been discontinued. I've posted that I'm searching for it on the Yahoo mini groups I'm a member of, Small Stuff and now here. A few years ago, you could find this bicycle around lots of places. Now, sadly, not at all. So, if anyone out there has it, I am willing to buy or trade for it! Poor me, perpetually a day late and a dollar short in life! I am going to also peruse the toy aisle at Toys R Us and Walmart and see if I can find one that might be in scale? Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joanna! And Furniture Arranging

The Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Joanna's 10th birthday! I have often referred to her as the 'bonus baby' because she came along when Maggie was nine and Ben was seven and of course, we thought at 37 and 35 years of age that we were 'through'. So, she has been a joy and is my constant little companion when the other two are off doing their teenage things. Knowing I would not be baking a cake (I cook more for survival than festivities or culinary joy) her grandmother, Weewee (Maggie named her as a toddler!) brought her a cake and ice cream which we had last night around 9:30 p.m. after cleaning the kitchen and living room, and her Daddy came in off the tractor.
She and Maggie had been a friends' pool yesterday afternoon so were still in their bathring suits when we had the little 'party' such as it was. We three 'girls' are going birthday shopping today.
I did spend the day putting the second floor on Joanna's dollhouse and then arranged some furniture inside to get an idea of which rooms should become which. This will be the nursery beside the master bedroom. Maggie was relieved to see that if the baby were to climb out of the picture window, there is a porch and not just a sheer dropoff.
This was going to be the kitchen but there was no room for the cabinets and refrigerator so it will become the living room. A bit small but it will have to be cozy.
And here is the kitchen. Love this kitchen set and it is somewhat similar to our full-sized kitchen with white cabinets although our counter tops are more emerald green. Fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

An Award! And More Progress!

Casey Sent Me An Award!

Casey from gave me an award and I am so honored! Among all of you very accomplished mini artisans I am but a mere amateur still searching for my niche! It is the Bella Sinclair award and according to Casey's blog, it was designed by Ces. Ces wrote:- I designed this award to celebrate art in the blogs and to honour the value of friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. It is to be awarded to the gifted, accomplished, eloquent and talented blogger, whose friendship and influence inspire us to do our best.would like to pass it on to:
Evelyn at Les Carnets de L'Atleier Blondie,, a new blogger who is sharing her beautiful creations and collections from Belgium;

Mary Beth McLees, a Clemson University student who I discovered on another blog and who has her whole life ahead of her. She blogs at Clemson U is about an hour from us and I had to contact Mary Beth.

Katie at Katie's Clay Corner. She is always supportive of me and has sent Joanna and me some of her lovely creations. You can find her blog on my blogroll.

Mercedes at Liberty Biberty. I am soooooo looking forward to a trade with her as, like Kim at It's a Miniature Life, she has that shabby chic, feminine touch to her creations and Joanna's dollhosuse will certianly benefit from some of Mercedes' touches!

And to K Arthur at Dollhouse Miniatures and Hitty Art by Miniature Folk Artist K Arthur who I just discovered by searching for punch needle embroidery tips and hints. She is an accomplished folk artist from Williamsburg, Virginia and sells some of her paintings and punch needle rugs on Etsy.

This is a better pix of Joanna after I snapped the one of her priming her dollhouse and looking none too happy for some reason.
And this is our housing inspector, my precious husband of 24 years, Jerry, who came home from lunch, saw that I was needing some more professional assistance and offered it even demonstrating what I should be doing as far as priming.
And this is the porch sections taped off and primed. Making progress. Yahoo!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Welcome, Progress, A Serial Killer and an Award

A Welcome, Progress on the Mini's Front, A Serial Killer and an Award

I would like to welcome more followers--I now have 100! Makes me feel popular and accomplished. Thank you! I'd also like to welcome Evelyn Fontaine of Brussells who has a new blog, Les Carnets de l'Atelier Blondie, which I am now following. Such beautiful work and attention to detail. She is an artisan.

These two pix show a new roombox I ordered from Steve Harvey on Minatures Only for only $20! I love it, have stained the exterior and am playing with the arrangement of mini's I have collected to eventually do a roombox for my daughter's college president. After hearing him speak on several occasions and meeting him, I was so impressed with him, I was inspired to do a roombox in honor of both my Dad who graduated from the college and my oldest daughter, Maggie. My DH, 'housing inspector' for my mini endeavors, however, says the light-colored desk is not good enough--it needs to be dark. He picked out a Bombay type with a mahogany finish. Hmm.
This is a pix of my garden shed which limps along. I have been so disappointed with my terrible exterior I tried with Paperclay. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

And this is the Gaffney 'peachoid' water tower. Gaffney has been in the news, both regionally and nationwide because we have a SERIAL KILLER in our midst. First, let me explain the 'peachoid'. It is a water tower that sits beside Interstate 85. Our Upstate region of South Carolina once grew more peaches per capita than the entire state of Georgia which calls itself the Peach State. Gaffney still grows a large number of peaches despite the urban sprawl and development everywhere. And Gaffney is probably 35 to 45 minutes' drive from us here in Inman--and parts of Cherokee County are even closer to our Spartanburg County. The serial killer has now taken the lives of five people binding and shooting them. The first was a well-known peach and hay farmer, Cash Kline, two were a elderly mother and retired school teacher and her 50-some-year-old daughter, also a teacher (and related by marriage to a relative of my mother-in-law's), and the last two were a business owner and father and his teenaged daughter who clung to life with a gunshot wound to the head until she died two days later. It is very scary and we are ALL ARMED around here (giving credence to those normally false rumors that everyone in the US South is armed to the teeth with a hair-trigger finger) and with every little bump in the night, we get up to investigate. The FBI and law enforcement from all neighboring counties including those from western North Carolina are all involved in the investigation. And as my husband is a hay farmer who sells to the public and the first victim, Mr. Kline was last seen by his wife talking to the killer who approached him about buying hay, all the youth in our church are very concerned about Jerry and say he needs to take down his 'hay for sale' sign. It's very sobering and scary so to those who are so inclined, please say your prayers that he is caught and for the families he has destroyed. Mr. Kline had just been on the news recently saying he intended to retire from peach farming to spend more times with his grandchildren. Now, he won't get that chance.
I would like to award the For the Love of Reading Award from Doreen (as seen in my last post before I got the new baby modem and now have consistent internet once again) to:

Debbie at Tiny Treasures (if you haven't already received it!)
Kim at It's a Miniature Life
Katie at Katie's Clay Corner
Donna at Never Enough Time
and Glenda at MidSouth.

The rules are:
1- collect the book that you have most handy.
2- Turn to page 161.
3- Find the 5th complete sentence.
4- Cite the sentence on your blog.
5- Pass it to 5 other blogs

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth, Speed Posting and An Award!

Happy Fourth and God Save Our Liberty! I am speed posting because my modem has died quite an untimely death at the age of six. It has been a long and painful process of diagnosing whether it was the router or the modem and after nearly 10 phone calls to either the phone company (I have memorized the syrupy recorded instructions for unplugging and re-plugging the modem which you hear in case you are too stupid to have already tried that a dozen times before calling if anyone would like to hear it) or the router company, I have success. After I called for what I deemed the last time this week and assured the fellow sitting at a desk with a list of things for me to do which involved crawling around on the floor unplugging cables and checking ports and then climbing back into the chair to 'ping' this and 'ping' that, I told him I refused to do that anymore and they could send me a new modem free of charge. After hesitating and saying, "Hmmmm . . . . ." several times, he transferred me to the billing department and the lady there agreed that I had been an excellent customer and that I could indeed, if pressed, seek internet and phone service elsewhere, complemented me on having paid my bill monthly for years and agreed to send said modem free of charge. So, for now, I get internet for maybe 15 minutes at a time and then for hours none at all. I would like to therefore thank Mrs. Topham, my high school typing teacher whose class turned out to be possibly the most valuable I sat through (although at the time it did not seem so and Mrs. Topham, not haling from the south, was constantly threatening to send me 'OAT'! which meant 'out' for talking. My humble apologies to her).

Now, Doreen over at Doreen's Miniatures, sent me a reading award and my apologies if I have to wait until Monday when the new baby modem arrives to pass it on! I doubt I would be able to make the rounds alerting everyone of its 'awardation' to them. And the book I have been currently reading, Southern Ladies and Gentlemen by Florence King pokes fun of our distinctly southern predilections, characters and sayings (one being, "Law! It's so hot, I think I might die!" and another, "Why, thank you so much. You are evuh so kind!" which I have found myself saying now and again in some form or another). And I am working on some mini's which I will photograph and show when I have a consistent; operating modem. But this book is also quite bawdy and psychoanalyzes the sexual undercurrents of southern flirting and inter-relationships and so, as I was supposed to quote the fifth complete sentence on page 161, I could not do so lest my blog be required to know whether a visitor is 18 or older?. So, I turned over to page 180 in which King was describing that wispy little gray-haired character who exists in great numbers in every southern town, the Dear Old Thing and the tendency for her long-suffering and hard-working husband to one day simply fall over dead.

"Husbands of Dear Old Things are eulogized on the obit page in tributes that have a curious tendency to begin: 'Suddenly, at his home . . . .'" It goes on: "Dropping dead is a fate that awaits him, and he seems to know it to judge from the size and type of insurance he buys. His widow never uses the expression 'dropping dead' when she describes his passing because it implies that he lived under a strain. She prefers the vaguer: 'One minute he was there, and the next minute, when I turned around, he was gone!' Her friends can empathize with this jig-time bereavement because they have experienced it, too so they reply: 'It's better that he didn't suffer.' This euphemistic exchange protects the vision of the Southern Way of Life and conceals the fact, known subconsciously to all, that the South's oak-and-ivy marital customs lead to early death from exhaustion for men and scatterbrained helplessness for women."

Doreen, thank you for the award and I will pass it on this coming week when the new shiny modem arrives. As for now, the DSL and Internet lights are blinking!!!