Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still in the Box!

Victoria's Farmhouse Still Waiting

I am really just posting to say things have been so hectic around here, I've accomplished nothing on the miniature front lately and Joanna's VF is still waiting to be released from its box and built. My poor van--a Dodge Sport my children call "The Red Flash' because I tend to drive fairly fast--is sick. It has had to have a very costly heart transplant (new transmission) and it's vascular system is still having issues--wires and plugs. My son, Ben, has to leave school this morning, come meet me at a mechanic's place, take me to work and then pick up his little sister and head to the dentist. And we have an out of town family wedding this weekend so The Flash has got to be up and running. We are in the throes of a bit of Spring Cleaning as well and I've tried to juggle my work schedule so I won't miss any days (since I work part-time and should have about four full-time jobs). I did get some wonderful goodies from Katie--she sent two of her wonderful shadow boxes which she shows us how to make on her blog Katie's Clay Corner. I will use one for my garden shed which is still in progress and one for Joanna's house. She also sent some wonderful polymer clay bowls and goodies for Joanna! I'll post pix when life settles down a bit. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying seeing all of your wonderful projects and accomplishments!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank You For The Award!

Thank You, Debbie, Doreen, A.Wright and Casey!

Thank you for the Sisterhood Award--I've got to add another little sidebar for the awards I've received from my fellow miniaturalia bloggers. Debbie at Tiny Treasures is truly encouraging and welcoming. Doreen is so gracious to share all of her tips and techniques on her projects blog. I've just somehow discovered A.Wright at Every Little Thing and am still amazed at the number of talented miniaturists who blog and have enjoyed looking at her work. And Casey has such a lovely witch's cottage and little witch whose adventures make me laugh and therefore brighten my day.

As to passing this on, I'd like to pass it to Jean Day at Katie at Katie's Klay Corner, Kim at, Jemjoop at, and Donna at Never Enough Time, and to all others I follow, if you haven't recieved this award, please accept it from me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sue Simpson's Wizards Room

Sue Simpson, Garstang, UK Wizard Tower Room

Thanks to Sue for allowing me to post pix of her delightful and professionally done wizard's tower room here! I am still plodding along on my garden shed as time allows but had to share these photos. You can find more of her work here: I would love to be able to master Paperclay as she has done here!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mary's Varied Dollhouse Decor

Mary Payne's Dollhouses

As I am leaving tomorrow for a quilt show in Georgia where Becky and I will vend, I won't be around to work on any of my mini projects or peruse your's so I'm leaving you with some lovely rooms you can see here:
Go to the menu to see his wife, Mary's dollhouses and roomboxes. Seems she scratch builds furniture and makes the room boxes and dollhouses to go around them. While you'll recognize many of the kits such as The Glencroft, she also builds houses from foamcore board and plywood. Above is the San Francisco Victorian Kitchen. Next we have the Grandville Master Bedroom.
Next is the Condo kitchen.
And the Condo Country Bedroom.
Last, the Farmhouse kitchen. Thanks to Mary and John for giving me permission to post pix and a link to their site on my little house on the blogosphere! I know you guys will miss me. LOL! I'll check in when I get back!