Friday, January 30, 2009

Dollhouse Winery in Brazil

Winery in Brazil by Silvana Vianna One of the owners of a Yahoo Group I belong to shared these pix she found at and I had to share these photos here. When I haven't worked on any miniatures myself to show, I like to share things I find or others find around the web. This winery scene is perfect in every detail and these are the types of scenes I long to do--realistic, aged, weathered, perfect in color, mood, scale and every detail.

Winery by Silvana Vianna in Brazil

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Over At The China Doll's Site

Today, From The China Doll

Today, since I'm working on some mini's in my spare time (between housecleaning, work, cooking, etc.), I'm featuring two vignettes from Connie Suave at The China Doll website, Connie makes dolls and made this beautiful garden shed in a class with Pat and Noel Thomas. I absolutely love it and study it frequently. The one below is just part of her collection that you might find in an old timey general store. I'm collecting a few pieces like these to go in my dream log cabin in miniature one day.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you Debbie! You Are Too Kind!

I Received an Award from Debbie and Wish to Pass it On!

Debbie over at Tiny Treasures, gave me this award (even after my little anti-ranting rant post from yesterday! LOL! Sorry about that--just one of those days I felt I needed to vent!)

Debbie is always so gracious, kind and encouraging to all of us fellow bloggers and always finding and introducting new mini bloggers and she has such inspiring, well done miniatures she has made and that she shares on her blog so I'm sending this right back to her!

Also to Stephanie at Petit Plat-- her food creations are divine and always perfect in detail.

To Sumaiya who shares wonderful minis by various artisans on her blog, Dollhouse and also maintains several other blogs.

To Kim at It's a Miniature Life--her shabby chic mini's are divine and feminine and lovely and she has shared some of her wonderful creations with Joanna, my daughter, and me!

To Doreen at Doreen's Projects who is sharing her mini dollhouses and projects with us.

To Donna at Never Enough Time! Check out her precious bear!

To Daisy at Daisy's Miniatures who is talented and gracious to share her minis and her love of all things mini.

To Christine at Candid Canine who features her own and others' mini's as well as her writing talents.

To Katie at Katie's Clay Corner (hope your computer is back up soon--we miss you!) who specializes in polymer clay creations.

To Gina at More Minis-- thank you so much for sharing your step by step house building tips, how to's and pix with us! I will rely on you when Joanna's kit actually emerges from the box!

To Fluffy Bricks--sharing the world of minis with everyone and thus promoting this wonderful mini community.

To Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls--what wonderful creations and what a joy you have for what you do!

To Glenda at Dab of This, Dab of That, who shares beautiful pix and news from her life including miniatures, and a fellow southerner!

To Erika at Erika's Miniatures, a young miniaturist who creates room boxes and minis to go in them.

To others of you out there who make/love/collect miniatures and whom I have either yet to discover or might have inadvertantly overlooked, accept this award for sharing our love of minutia with everyone else! If I didn't have to clean my Dad's house today, it would be a mini day for me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Son's Broken Clavicle Debaucle

Not Mini But Posting About Ben's Mishap

Poor Ben broke his right clavicle last Friday and so I had to post these pix of the huge hump on his shoulder even though I like to keep on point on my blog which in this case is about miniatures. I am so committed to staying on the topic of mini's here that I was just on my soapbox on a Yahoo Group agreeing with the policy against stating political views in that forum and nothing turns me off quicker than reading someone's mini (or quilting or home decor or ;whatever; blog) and then coming upon an entire post about (or in the case I ran across this past week, salivating and worshiping) their favorite political candidate. And this particular person has a website with items I would like to purchase but alas, because I found their post offensive, alas, I cannot bring myself to purchase items from them. While a blog belongs to that person and they are free to say or post pix of whatever they wish to (and gosh, this extends to every nook and cranny of one's life and body both physically and metaphorically-speaking if you search blogs at large out there! Whew! Some people's lives and personal habits are just an open book--and to think I had to really work up to posting my own pix here!), I'm afraid I just can't purchase from people who use their hobby/handicraft blogs as a pulpit to share their political views which may or may not align with my own. As a Christian, I will pray for the safety and guidance of any elected official who to whatever degree holds our collective futures in their hands and can re-chart the paths of history and who are daily faced with personal, local, and national threats but why would you alienate a large portion of the populace whose views may not align with yours if you are seeking to sell items of any kind to all?? Some may think this a strident, close-minded view of things but there you have it. I guess I inherited that from my mother--she knew what she knew and what she knew, she knew and she wasn't afraid to say so. So, personally, I may post about my family or other goings-on of note periodically but I personally pledge to refrain from spewing forth my personal political stands and opinions here.

Anyhoo, though I like to keep my miniatures blog about miniatures, Ben's little mishap in which he got his boot stuck getting off the four wheeler and rammed his shoulder into the post, took precedence over my miniature collections, plans and ramblings. And we middle aged parents did not know that they no longer try to 'set' the bone when I took him to Urgent Care on a Friday evening and they told us to call an orthopedic surgeon on Monday. They give you pain meds, a figure-eight bandage, an arm sling and wish you the best of luck. Who knew? When my 48-year-old husband, Jerry, broke his at age 12, the country doctor pulled his shoulders back and wrapped it and thus 'set' it back into place. He will heal fine barring some further injury to it and we are so thankful it wasn't a broken neck. Just had to post pix of the poor little 6'2" soul. Thanks for indulging a Mom.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks to Daisy! And "It's In the Mail!"

A Few Things That Are On Their Way To Us
I love the Lee's Line furniture pieces and already have the red checked chair and sofa waiting for whenever my beloved ever gets a spare minute to build my dream log home in miniature. I'll have to post again the pix from the issue of Veranda magazine, I think it is a 1989 issue, that pictured a gorgeous log home in Highlands, NC owned by two interior decorators from Atlanta. I was so blown away by those images, I've kept the magazine and used to dream of owning a cozy cabin like that in 'real life'. But as children arrived, and the realities of budgetary limitations set in, I realized that the only way I'll ever attain that cabin is in miniaiture so I dream and collect towards that. But I digress. These pieces are for Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse.

We've are in the midst of two notable news flashes here that I must write about. Our son, Ben, 16, managed to get his size 12 boot caught in the brake of the four wheeler Friday afternoon and as he stumbled off, banged his shoulder into a post on the back porch hard enough to break his right clavicle. I took him to Urgent Care where they x-rayed it, wrote a prescription for pain meds and gave him an arm sling and said to call an orthopedic surgeon Monday. We called that evening and had an appointment for this morning. We were amazed that they seemed to be a bit more laisez faire about the whole broken bone thing than we were but the surgeon explained that with broken clavicles, they pretty much heal as they are and the only thing that can be done is a figure eight brace and arm sling and pain meds as needed. The other news of note is that we in this foothills region of South Carolina, right under the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, may actually have snow! The mountain, just an hour or so above us by road, get all the snow and we have a few flakes or a bit of slushy sleet or just plain ice that brings down trees, knocks out electricity and makes roads as slick as glass. They are actually calling for up to three inches! Not anything to brag about to our northern neighbors but we get all excited and there are immediate runs on bread and milk at the grocery store and the waiting to see if school will be called off (we are not used to driving in snow and ice so everything shuts down and we hunker down in our little caves for a few days until the temps go back up to at least the 40's and like moles, we can poke our little heads out and see if it's safe to go about our usual routine!). But alas, poor Ben says, "Yep, that will just make my life to sit inside and watch Joanna sledding down the hill while I'm inside with a hump on my bone and my arm in a sling."

The George Washington desk is for Dr. "Bernie" Dunlap's roombox also being planned amidst the operating synapses and cobwebs of my cluttered brain. I saw it--and especially the reasonable price--and had to have it for Dr. D.

And a huge thank you to Daisy Carpi (you can find her blog in my list on the sidebar and go there and see what she is up to!) for this award! I am so grateful to her. Sometimes, if no one comments or checks in with you (and I am guilty of being too busy to check in with my fellow bloggers as well) you sometimes feel you are muttering to yourself.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Few of the Things I Bought After Christmas

Here Are a Few of the Mini Goodies I Bought After Christmas

There are several miniature projects I'd like to accomplish/finish this year--a sort of list of mini resolutions if you will. The first is to finish the ongoing projects I have started, namely the fairy house since I did manage to throw together the witch's cottage at the last minute right in the nick of time before the witching hour of Halloween.

So, the fairy house needs to be completed--hopefully by spring. I envision offering to have it displayed at our main branch library (or, if they do not wish to do so, perhaps one of our lesser branches?!). I have a plethora of seashells, pine cones, trinkets fairies might pick up in their travels, pebbles, etc. so now to arrange them in a pleasing manner throughout the tree stump house.

Also, I was completely captivated by a vintage kitchen layout, circa 1947, in Reminisce magazine, I think the September or October issue, so have been collecting miniatures towards creating a kitchen much like it.

And then, of course, there is Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse which is still in the box. Should I call it the Pandora's Box? I fear that when unleashed from the box, that kit will look as if it should have been in a cargo freight box as you might see traveling down the rails on a train car. I am much better at envisioning, planning and spending too much money collecting items to go inside than I am at the actual construction. And my good friend and fellow miniaturist, Gen, has graciously offered to help me as she has a VF already put together and mostly furnished but if she saw my basement where all the 'magic' of my varied arts and crafts endeavors take place. . . . she would politely withdraw that offer. You might think it is the lair of a deranged, albeit crafty maniacal lunatic. In fact, while I am off work today and should be headed down there to attempt some semblance of order, I am sitting here typing away . . .

And lastly, and you will laugh at this one, I was so blown away and impressed to the point of starting a cult when I first heard my daughter's college president address the students and parents--and then even more so when I read his biography and viewed his You Tube videos, I was inspired to create a room box for Dr. Benjamin Dunlap, President of Wofford College. My Dad graduated from Wofford in the early 50's and Maggie is happy as a clam there. There is a sense of community and appreciation on that campus that you don't experience on others. I grew up going to Wofford football games but, alas, did not choose to attend there (my great loss). I laugh at myself, a mere pauper by comparison, deigning to create a room box for a man who graduated summa cum laude from The University of the South, attended Harvard and has traveled internationally speaking and organizing lectures and events involving world-renowned individuals of great accomplishment. He is a published poet and fiction author and yet, he is as friendly, gracious and genuinely kind to us 'little people' when you meet him. As a very jaded, cynical person who is not impressed in the least with 'celebrities' or certainly the yawning majority of politicians, I was literally in tears that I had been stupid enough not to attend Wofford which was 30 minutes down the road from where I grew up and so, so thankful that Maggie is when I heard this man speak! When I reached out and grabbed him as he passed by at one of the football games to introduce him to my Dad, he acted as if he was thrilled at last to meet us. So, in honor of both my Dad and my precious daughter, I want to create a room box for Dr. Benjamin Dunlap who lives in the President's Home on campus. So, with my little pittance of a part-time salary and part of my Christmas money, I have ordered a black wingback and wallpaper with a gold filligree design (Wofford's colors are black and gold), pictured above, found a corner bookshelf that had been returned at A.C. Moore, and yesterday ordered a fireplace, electrified fire, a fire screen and fireplace tools. I hope to sculpt a Boston Terrier, the mascot and make a small Dr. D. to go in it. Wish me luck especially on those counts! My sculpting and mini doll making is in need of improvement. And, gee, I hope he doesn't spend his valuable time perusing miniature blogs since this is meant to be a surprise! Shhhhhh . . . . . .

Monday, January 5, 2009

An Award and A Kitty

Thank You, Debbie for the Award!

Debbie from Tiny Treasures awarded me this nice award today along with 14 other recipients--wow! I'm going to have to look them all up! I don't think I'm aware of that many other mini blogs out there but will pass this award on to some of my favorites:

Kim Saulter at It's a Miniature Life--Kim's shabby chic creations, mostly bakeries and baked goods, are exquisite
Stephanie at Petit Plat creates wonderful Fimo miniatures
Katie at Katie's Clay Corner features her various sculpts and creations and mini collections.
Michaela Devi Genaine from Creations from the Heart at Wordpress creates gorgeous, fantastical fairy dwellings.
An Australian blogger who shares her creations and minis of interest at Living in the Past and Fluffy Bricks.
Doreen Playter, a new blogger who is sharing her mini collections and creations at Doreen's Miniatures.
Kathy Calhoun over at The Garfield Manor who is blogging about her journey in creating The Garfield.
Gina at More Mini's who graciously shares a tremendous amount of how-to's on the construction of various dollhouse kits.
Daisy at Daisy's Miniaturas who shares her creations and collections.
Rachel over at Miniatures by Rachel who specializes in exquisite cakes, pies and various foods that look as beautiful as they would be delicious (if edible!).

Below are pix of my latest attempt at sculpting and furring a miniature cat. He is a tuxedo cat and someone on one of my groups said she had a cat that looked like him named 'Boots' so Boots he is. Yet again, I think he is a bit too large--I can't seem to get them teeny enough, especially since I am far-sighted in my waning years (I'll be 46 on Wednesday!) but I persevere. I also seem to be having issues getting the 'fur', which in this case is clipped mohair so turned out more like fuzz, to lie in the intended direction. See Kerri Pajutee's site for perfect miniature animals which seem to be ready to leap off the pages and lick your hand.