Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Etsy Shop Now Open!

I've Opened An Etsy Shop!

Not that I will constantly blog about my little Etsy endeavors but I have opened a little shop, Peach Blossom Hill, and am still hoping for that first little sale! I thought I had one but as it is with fishing, she nibbled on the line but then evidently changed her mind and the line went slack!

So, I have been feverishly working on a few mini paintings and other items but life in general keeps thwarting my efforts at every turn. School back in session always stomps me into the mud and takes about three months for me to adjust. We're hosting my in-law's 50th anniversary party the first of October so doing some major house overhauls and we're having a big yard sale this Saturday. Plus a few minor little hormonal and TMJ issues I'm seeing the doc about next week have really wreaked havoc on my emotions and creative juices lately. That, and the normal stresses of life in general.
In addition, while I try to be a good fellow blogger, I'm way behind on reading what everyone is up to so need to get around to at least saying hi and checking in. I'm hoping Debbie from Tiny Treasures is on the mend.