Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Wedding and Some Mini Progress

A Few of the Min's I've Been Working On and a Wedding!

The above picture is of a sewing cabinet I've put together in hoping I can reopen my Etsy shop soon with an emphasis on miniatures. It's either find ways to make extra dough or find that dreaded mind-numbing full-time 9 to 5 gig. In the foreground are hydrangea's. I am a messy crafter so you see all the bits and pieces of glue and paper lying around. The true me.
I've also been working on some poly clay pumpkins, a rooster decorator item and a rabbit. The rooster will be painted some more before he is done. Now this rabbit is to be furred. Therefore he is probably entirely too big and fat! I've got to learn to sculpt smaller and leaner but at least, I think, he captures the essence of 'rabbit'. At least I hope! The pile of leaves are some I've punched and painted with acrylics.
Joan A. from one of the Yahoo Groups I'm a member of announced a mini e-mail yard sale and I wrote asking for this china set and the brass pitcher. The tea kettle was a Dejoux Miniatures purchase. Joan kindly offered in lieu of an outright sale, a trade. I'm to make her some drapes and Colonial diapers (so if anyone knows how Colonial diapers may have differed from modern cloth diapers, I'm all ears--I Google'd it and found nada except that babies during that time wore long dressed regardless of gender).
I also got around to pouring some of my House of Caron housewares molds. Alot of pouring to go before I fill up the Skutt kiln with these tiny wares!
And this is the bride and groom, Victoria and Justin. I grew up with his mother and as my late mother used to direct weddings, I am sometimes asked to direct them for folks from my hometown. Jerry, Maggie and I did Justin's older sister, Erin's wedding and his, last night, was the fourth we've done. It went very weel. She was radiant and beautiful and he was very handsome in his tux. Plus there were two precious flower girls, a beautiful little miniature brider, her young sister and a handsome miniature groom as well as the beautiful young maids, matrons and groomsmen. It was a fun wedding and reception. And as Maggie and Jerry do most of the actual traffic control, Jerry heads up the ushers responsibilities and Maggie the bridesmaids, I mainly run around pinning on corsages, checking on the guest arrivals and wring my hands. So, a good working relationship. And as this bride and groom are both sherrif deputies, I wish them a lifetime of happiness and safety!


rudoo said...

I love the cabinet! I am making my MIL a quilt room for Christams. I may use your idea and do something similar. PS- I think your rabbit is good too! :-)

The Carolina Quilter said...

Thank you, rudoo! I get these little cabinets from Manor House Miniatures and often she has them unfinished and on sale. This one was finished and I got it when it was on sale. I plan to list this one on Ety so wish me luck!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have been busy, and you are very talented.
Best wishes to the young couple.

Never Enough Time said...

I can't wait to see your listings on Etsy. You have been very busy!

Liberty Biberty said...

How you have time to do any mini's amazes me.
The sewing cabinet is fantastic. I'm sure it'll sell quickly.
You are one talented woman!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Very pretty things! I love the bunny and the pumpkins. :)

Tallulah~Belle said...

The cabinet is lovely.

With regards to selling...if you have any molds suitable for planters they might do well...there really is very little variety out there and I am sure the flower makers would love to see new ones on the market.

Kim said...

Jody- I read this post and then had to run out the door and forgot to come back and comment! The cabinet is so cute! I think everything is just wonderful- of course it will sell! I'm afraid I don't know anything about colonial diapers:( How fun to have a kiln- you must show us some more of the stuff you pour! I think I would like to direct weddings- my favorite part of being a floral designer was the weddings. I'm a sucker for a day that centers around love :)

Ascension said...

Hola!!!!!me ha encantado pasarme por tu blog.besitos ascension

ANA ROSA. said...

Muy bonito el mueble de costura, todo fantastico!!
Un saludo.

madge1967 said...

Hey, what is your ETSY site called? I'm trying to find your site but can't? :(