Friday, July 31, 2009

Accessories and a Funny Story!

Accessorizing and a Little Mini Funny!While taking inventory as far as the furniture and accessories we have for Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse, I realized there is actually more furniture than accessories. So, here are a few items we've received from various places lately including Mainly Mini's, Hobby Builder's Supply and other spots. We now have cleaner, extension cords, a smoke detector, some junk food, a porch swing, barbeque grill and US Postal Service packages.

Oh, and the trash can although I'm ashamed to see there are metal cans in there. I preach recycling around here! Oh, and I have found a bike the eBay seller claims is 1:12th and ordered it so fingers crossed it actually is 1:12th!.

Now for the funny story. Jodi Creager showed the scene she disovered, the trolls roasting poor Barbie over the heat of a saucepan! So, I thought I'd share my funny story about my 19-year-old, Maggie, one of the quintessential 'good girls' though no one can figure out where she got it-Haha.

Recently one evening, she and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and I had my laptop open perusing a mini shopping site. I periodically turned the laptop toward her to show her the goodies I was finding: "Look, Maggie! A miniature golf cart!" "Look! A mini bird feeder!" She would glance over and nod politely hardly taking her eyes off the TV. I clicked on a section titled 'Adult' Items wondering what in the world could be there??. There was a tiny garter belt, fancy fluffy bodice, jock strap, etc. and then I came upon a box of 'preventatives.' I turned the laptop to Maggie and said, "Look, Maggie! You don't want your little people reproducing at will so you have to provide these for them." She glanced over, did a double take and said, "WHAT?! I don't know what kind of dolls you had but mine were always PURE!!!!" LOL! So Funny!


rosanna said...

Great buyings. I love the junk food and detergents

cousin Deb said...

Cute story and stuff! I bought a little box of preventatives for my husband for Christmas boy did he blush! Now he tells everyone to open the drawer of my miniature night stand and watches them blush!

Creager Studios said...

Great Story....and wonderful goodies...

can you recommend a good web sites to find fun goodies

Hugs for Saturday


The Carolina Quilter said...

Thanks, everyone! With every little part-time paycheck, I browse around various mini shops and place a not-so-mini order!

Jodi, I find too much to choose from at places like Mainly Mini's, Dollhouses and More, Dejoux, Hobby Builders Supply, Kerbey Lane Miniatures on eBay, and other spots. I love things from SP Miniatures, often mostly artisan and you can check in daily for their new items. I have lots of spots of interest listed on my blog.
I think Mainly Mini's was the particular site with the 'Adult' category although I've seen similar items elsewhere.


Katie said...

LOL...That is funny! My kids just glance over and shake their heads too, lol!! I could only imagine the look on their faces if I showed them those, hahah....they'd really think I'd lost it! LOL!!
Katie the cleaners and those perfect!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Very cute mini's Jody. Love the mail packages! Great story!

Kathy Calhoun said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I also wish I lived next door to you.

So, this gives me great ideas for what I'll be doing for your "Pay It Forward". What fun, what fun!!!!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Hi Jody:

I came to visit you after reading your comment on my blog and I love your blog! So many interesting things to read.
Today, I spent some time enjoying your posts about Joanna's farmhouse, what a nice project.
I'll come back soon to read some more,

Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Jody, I've just passed a challenge on to you if you have time for it! Pop over to my blog to see what it's all about.

Chris said...

Cute! I just love mini's!!!!!

Shelley Noble said...

Oh gosh, that is funny! Good for her! (and you!) Man, miniatures have gotten much more realistic than in my day!