Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slowly Getting Back to Life in Miniature

Today, for the first time in months, I am back to my blog. I've missed everyone and I will get around to visiting ASAP. The only project I'm able to work on just now is a sewing roombox I hope to sell at an upcoming quilt show next week. The pix above is from featuring a contemporary sewing room by Anne Herzfeld and shown at the Seattle Miniature Show. I'm going to print this out and try to model my basement sewing/mini area on this very layout! And I'll post pix of my little shadow box as soon as the tomato pincushion arrives from Manor House Minis. It is in the mail and Deb graciously wrote to tell me it is on the way!
In case anyone is remotely interested in where I've been? I won't bore you with details but April into May had to be the most bizarre month of our 24-year marriage. We had to repair or replace about $8,500 worth of various car/truck/tractor parts and appliances which were falling apart like a house of cards plus there was a theft from our barn witnessed by a neighbor and a wreck on our property but luckily the elderly couple were not badly injured. But this major financial setback during these already turbulent times sort of put me in an identity crisis tailspin and I responded by frantically working on quilting items I could possibly sell, questioning whether a part-time job is the wisest course to continue on, cleaning out closets and craft areas, etc. To say it put me in a major funk (I won't say depression) is putting it mildly. However, all that said, I KNOW how much worse it could have been. No one was diagnosed with a fatal illness, none of my children harmed, etc., etc. and my husband, as usual, took things with a grain of salt and mapped out a recovery strategy.
We have also planted a huge vegetable garden, have been baling hay, cleaning out closets, revamping various flower beds and plantings around the farm, etc. Time for min's has been nil and none. Nada. And, as stated above, I was too busy sitting on the ash heap rending my clothese and wailing and punishing myself by denying my mini fix.
But! Hope springs eternal! School is finally out for the summer!!!!!!! Jerry bought me another long table and we will soon be getting out Joanna's dollhouse Santa brought and beginning construction. So, I'm back. To those of you who missed me (and thank you Katy for your kind note!) I appreciate it. I have missed you too.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Well, welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you. Sorry for everything giving out at the same time. That is usually the way it happens for me. The last few months has taken a toll on my bank account, but nothing like yours thank goodness. My minis are sorta on the back burner - still trying to deal with the flooring in the San Fran.
Hope things get better for you real soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jodie. You have been missed but real life does happen and sometimes it can be overpowering. But eventually it slows down and we can get back to relaxing and enjoying our hobbies. I hope things go much smoother for you from here on in.

cousin Deb said...

Glad to have you back! I check your blog everyday to see how you are doing and am relieved to hear you have endured! Sometimes life can throw a real curve at us.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

So glad to see you back, I'm assuming things have resolved themselves??? AND I'm SO glad to hear that you guys are going to start working on Joanna's house, Yippie!!! should show us the quilts you've been working on!! I'd love to see them!! So glad to have you back!!! :)


MiniKat said...

Welcome back, Jodie! We've missed you.

I hope things get better from here on out. :-)

rosanna said...

Welcome back Jody, it's nice to hear that things have settled a bit.Hopefll everything will go smoother from now on.

Jean Day said...

So wonderful to see you back again!

I love that workshop too. I took a photo of it when it was on exhibit in the 80's and it still is one of my favorites.

Wishing you hugs and all the very best.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Linda Carswell said...

So lovely to see you back, have been missed!! I've dropped around good to see you back with us all!!

MiniMadWoman said...

Oh my! That's a lot to deal with in a short time . . . glad to hear that things are on the mend and that you're able to get back to miniatures!

I'm looking forward to your progress on Joanna's house!

Take care,