Tuesday, June 23, 2009

House Paint and Summer 'Vacation'

House Paint and 'What We've Been Doing On Our Summer 'Vacation''

Despite our working in our vegetable garden every other day, Joanna and I have managed to prime and paint most of the exterior of her Victoria's Farmhouse and, above, I have managed to stain a few unfinished pieces, a side table with drawers for Joanna's house and a shelf for the circa mid-40's kitchen I want to do. I also ordered a roombox from Jeff Vernon on the Miniatures Only auction site which will be a roombox for one of my SIL's for Christmas. One is British so it will have a UK theme and the other is an accomplished pianist and harpist so it will have a music theme.
Our colors for Joanna's house are Green Tea Leaf and the trim colors will be Heavy Cream and Bordeaux, a deep burgundy red. We made trips to Lowe's for samples and then quarts of paint. I told Joanna that while she and I are not professional house painters, we will have painted it ourselves (except for when Jerry came by during the priming process and took over for a few minutes giving instruction and constructive criticism of our methodism where he deemed necessary). Ben, my 17-year-old, carefully avoids the basement while we are sanding, priming or painting not wishing to be sucked in to the process in even some small way. So, the various drips, unneveness and other little flaws--let's hope they are all little flaws--will distinguish it as our very own amateur mother/daughter venture. And, I promise this pix of Joanna does not indicate coercion on my part making her paint. I don't know why the serious expression. A minute beforehand she was laughing and smiling having nearly poked me in the face with her paint brush.
These two pix show what else has taken up our time during our 'summer vacation.' The squash and cucumbers grow as we watch and stand in one place too long in between rows and you're likely to disappear underneath the umbrella of a squash plant, it's tendrils and limbs having wrapped around your ankles and taken you. Having skipped Sunday, we picked squash twice yesterday. Jerry has been taking most of our crop to work and selling it there. He generally has people lined up waiting his arrival and those who miss out standing with forlorn expressions saying, "I thought we were friends." I just hope their taste for squash continues. We also have Blue Lake green beans coming in but our tomatoes don't seem to have liked all of the rain we've gotten this spring (almost daily downpours during May and early June) so we're not getting many of those. So, anyhoo, I 'mini' in between picking, washing and bagging and work.
Woops! turn head sideways to see the squash plants! LOL!


Debbie said...

Love the colour you've chosen for the Farmhouse.
Your vegetable garden is giving you plenty of bounty. Well done you. x

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great looking veggies! You are really making progress on the house and really like the choice of colors. I am anxious to see your progress on the house - maybe it will get me motived to work on mine some more. :)

MiniKat said...

The painting looks like fun and the veggies look fantastic! :-)

kimsminiatures said...

oh it looks wonderful girls. Wonderful colors you have chosen I can't wait to follow its progress. Please let me know if I can help with anything. Mini hugs!

Katie said...

I came in once before, and am realizing I forgot to comment! I am sooo glad to see that you've started painting Joanna's house! Love the color theme your going with!!