Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Little Black Rain Cloud, Robbery and Auto Repairs

This image, borrowed from minds-eye on Flickr, is like a statement of our auto issues lately!

I'm afraid I haven't accomplished anything on the mini's front over the past month and haven't even had a chance to check in. While there is nothing in the way of fatal, earth-shattering happenstances (knock on wood), we have seemed to be living under somewhat of a little black rain cloud lately. Things started with my transmission in my car at over $2,400 and then escalated to include new sparks and plugs, a rebuilt alternator and now the air conditioning system needs replacing which is going to have to wait. Meanwhile, although we had a great Spring Break with a family wedding in Georgia and then a few days at the beach, we came home to Maggie's car refusing to start so are having to borrow a trailer to get that to the mechanic's, the upstairs water heater malfunctioning and having to be replaced and now DH's wisdom teeth need taking out and the estimate we got on that after insurance is over $500.

Thrown into the mix, neighbors witnessed men who are renting a place up the road steal an item from our barn. So, that is an ongoing concern. We have their license plate number, know where they live and the county deputies are on alert to catch them but who knows how that will turn out.

There are a few other items of concern and worry but that is a long enough list to share I guess. I am trying to remind myself that things could ALWAYS be worse and we will come out on the other end of expensive repairs and setbacks eventually. We have had a lot of rain lately (and so far, have avoided the spring tornadoes which tore through less than an hour from us) so hopefully, we will get a good hay crop this year barring further disaster. As a Christian, I am trying to be thankful for blessings and not focus only on adversities and circumstances that fill you with despair but it is sometimes quite a challenge. So, my mini obsession has taken a backseat until things settle down and I figure out if there is anything I have of any value to sell! I'll try to sit down this evening and visit with you all and catch up on the going's-on of more productive people! LOL!