Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank You For The Award!

Thank You, Debbie, Doreen, A.Wright and Casey!

Thank you for the Sisterhood Award--I've got to add another little sidebar for the awards I've received from my fellow miniaturalia bloggers. Debbie at Tiny Treasures is truly encouraging and welcoming. Doreen is so gracious to share all of her tips and techniques on her projects blog. I've just somehow discovered A.Wright at Every Little Thing and am still amazed at the number of talented miniaturists who blog and have enjoyed looking at her work. And Casey has such a lovely witch's cottage and little witch whose adventures make me laugh and therefore brighten my day.

As to passing this on, I'd like to pass it to Jean Day at Katie at Katie's Klay Corner, Kim at, Jemjoop at, and Donna at Never Enough Time, and to all others I follow, if you haven't recieved this award, please accept it from me!


rute said...

Hello. I've got a award for you on my blog.

Jean Day said...

I was just dropping by and found this beautiful Sisterhood Award, thank you so much, so kind of you. Mini Hugs, Jean

Caseymini said...

Jody, come get your latest award!!! It's on my blog.