Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks to Daisy! And "It's In the Mail!"

A Few Things That Are On Their Way To Us
I love the Lee's Line furniture pieces and already have the red checked chair and sofa waiting for whenever my beloved ever gets a spare minute to build my dream log home in miniature. I'll have to post again the pix from the issue of Veranda magazine, I think it is a 1989 issue, that pictured a gorgeous log home in Highlands, NC owned by two interior decorators from Atlanta. I was so blown away by those images, I've kept the magazine and used to dream of owning a cozy cabin like that in 'real life'. But as children arrived, and the realities of budgetary limitations set in, I realized that the only way I'll ever attain that cabin is in miniaiture so I dream and collect towards that. But I digress. These pieces are for Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse.

We've are in the midst of two notable news flashes here that I must write about. Our son, Ben, 16, managed to get his size 12 boot caught in the brake of the four wheeler Friday afternoon and as he stumbled off, banged his shoulder into a post on the back porch hard enough to break his right clavicle. I took him to Urgent Care where they x-rayed it, wrote a prescription for pain meds and gave him an arm sling and said to call an orthopedic surgeon Monday. We called that evening and had an appointment for this morning. We were amazed that they seemed to be a bit more laisez faire about the whole broken bone thing than we were but the surgeon explained that with broken clavicles, they pretty much heal as they are and the only thing that can be done is a figure eight brace and arm sling and pain meds as needed. The other news of note is that we in this foothills region of South Carolina, right under the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, may actually have snow! The mountain, just an hour or so above us by road, get all the snow and we have a few flakes or a bit of slushy sleet or just plain ice that brings down trees, knocks out electricity and makes roads as slick as glass. They are actually calling for up to three inches! Not anything to brag about to our northern neighbors but we get all excited and there are immediate runs on bread and milk at the grocery store and the waiting to see if school will be called off (we are not used to driving in snow and ice so everything shuts down and we hunker down in our little caves for a few days until the temps go back up to at least the 40's and like moles, we can poke our little heads out and see if it's safe to go about our usual routine!). But alas, poor Ben says, "Yep, that will just make my life to sit inside and watch Joanna sledding down the hill while I'm inside with a hump on my bone and my arm in a sling."

The George Washington desk is for Dr. "Bernie" Dunlap's roombox also being planned amidst the operating synapses and cobwebs of my cluttered brain. I saw it--and especially the reasonable price--and had to have it for Dr. D.

And a huge thank you to Daisy Carpi (you can find her blog in my list on the sidebar and go there and see what she is up to!) for this award! I am so grateful to her. Sometimes, if no one comments or checks in with you (and I am guilty of being too busy to check in with my fellow bloggers as well) you sometimes feel you are muttering to yourself.


Anonymous said...

I love that chesterfield and chair. Mt dollhouse is my dream house as I know I will never have it in real life. The set is just what I would like to put in my house.

You wrote on my blog about my cats. We have always had dogs and cats together and they have always got along well (except at first - there is always a transition period). When my daughter moved in with us for awhile we had two cats, two dogs and a bird in a small trailer. Our worst problem was the fur everywhere from the dogs as both dogs were shedding. It was crowded but everyone got along well.

Ellie1908 said...

Congratulations on your wonderful new furniture pieces; looking forward to seeing them in their new setting!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love your new furniture! I know what you mean about everyting shutting down with just a little snow - people can't drive in it here. Sorry about your Son's accident - I have a daughter who was always breaking something when she was younger. Have a great day.

Debbie said...

Jody my son broke his collar bone last year in two places. They gave him a back brace and a sling. Don't worry too much, they heal pretty well, although Harry does now have a lump where the bone knitted together.
The furniture is lovely, especially like the Sofa...
Mini Hugs & Get Well Wishes for your Son x