Monday, January 5, 2009

An Award and A Kitty

Thank You, Debbie for the Award!

Debbie from Tiny Treasures awarded me this nice award today along with 14 other recipients--wow! I'm going to have to look them all up! I don't think I'm aware of that many other mini blogs out there but will pass this award on to some of my favorites:

Kim Saulter at It's a Miniature Life--Kim's shabby chic creations, mostly bakeries and baked goods, are exquisite
Stephanie at Petit Plat creates wonderful Fimo miniatures
Katie at Katie's Clay Corner features her various sculpts and creations and mini collections.
Michaela Devi Genaine from Creations from the Heart at Wordpress creates gorgeous, fantastical fairy dwellings.
An Australian blogger who shares her creations and minis of interest at Living in the Past and Fluffy Bricks.
Doreen Playter, a new blogger who is sharing her mini collections and creations at Doreen's Miniatures.
Kathy Calhoun over at The Garfield Manor who is blogging about her journey in creating The Garfield.
Gina at More Mini's who graciously shares a tremendous amount of how-to's on the construction of various dollhouse kits.
Daisy at Daisy's Miniaturas who shares her creations and collections.
Rachel over at Miniatures by Rachel who specializes in exquisite cakes, pies and various foods that look as beautiful as they would be delicious (if edible!).

Below are pix of my latest attempt at sculpting and furring a miniature cat. He is a tuxedo cat and someone on one of my groups said she had a cat that looked like him named 'Boots' so Boots he is. Yet again, I think he is a bit too large--I can't seem to get them teeny enough, especially since I am far-sighted in my waning years (I'll be 46 on Wednesday!) but I persevere. I also seem to be having issues getting the 'fur', which in this case is clipped mohair so turned out more like fuzz, to lie in the intended direction. See Kerri Pajutee's site for perfect miniature animals which seem to be ready to leap off the pages and lick your hand.


Debbie said...
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Debbie said...

Jody really like your pussy cat... x

Daisy Carpi said...

Happy New Year to you.
Thanks for the prize, I will go to others too.

tiina said...

He is cute!
Happy new year and happy birthday!

Rachel said...

The kitty is adorable and tiny. Neat work!

Thank you for the award.

Rachel :)

Joke said...

OH what a verry nice pussy cat
he of sche looks like mij pussycat is name is Jeroen

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Jody thanks a lot for the award!

I love that little kitty! Making felted animals is also still on my to do list :)

pussman said...

oooh well done :0
I am Happy I found your blog!