Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Witching Hour Approaches

Progress on the Witch's Cottage

Got to clean up some of the hot glue residue. I made the potatoes from polymer clay and pastels using the paper bag trick as shown on a Victoria Miniland video. You make the potatoes, drop them in the bag one by one so they don't clump together and then rub ochre and light brown pastels on paper and sprinkle the dust in the bag. Close up and shake vigorously. Then pour them out on your surface and make indentations with dark brown or black pastel dust. Voila!

My attempt at corn stalks using a combination of stalks from dried material and raffia. Could use some tweeking on my next attempt. The pumpkins were made using a combination of translucent Fimo, bright orange and a tad of light brown. Love them! Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When An Artist Creates a Dollhouse

When An Artist Creates a Dollhouse

Today I'm featuring the beautifully detailed, warm and inviting dollhouse created by Amy Gross, a textile artist. Above you see the ironing board folded beside the refrigerator, for example. You can see more of Amy's dollhouse on Flickr where she is amyla174:
This chair is resin and is by Take a Seat by Raine. I'd love to sit there and read one of the many books on the shelf.

Happy Halloween! Amy has decorated her front porch for the season! Beautiful!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Witch's Cottage Nearly Done

Despite My Prolonged Absence, The Witch's Cottage is Nearly Done
These shots show my attempt at Creative Paperclay stonework painted with acrylic washes. Someone out there needs to donate the funds for me to take a Rik Pierce workshop (Frogmorton Studios) or I need to take a vacation and live with Tracy Topps (toppdollar) for a week so she can teach me how to do it correctly! But for a witch's cottage, it's okay, I suppose. The little carved pumpkin on the porch I bought at Miniature Memories in Charleston, SC this past weekend while on a therapeutic trip with two friends. Miniature Memories has to be one of the best, most well-stocked and decorated miniature shops in the nation--not that I'll ever see many. In the back, there is a museum of artisan roomboxes and I understand they are seeking to enlarge it. It is worth the visit even if you're not into mini's! The other too-bright, too-shiny pumpkin I made early in my polymer clay career but he had to go in for senimental reasons.
And you'll notice that there are two window panes missing! Where did they go?! Got to find those in the basement as winter is coming and Witchy will get her toes chilled.
I must add a note to explain my prolonged absence: I have just dissolved our Bernina sewing machine dealership (oh, let me clarify: DH and I decided we couldn't keep paying bills any longer with no sales and did the only thing that made sense and sold our floor models at half price. Let me be clear: Our district manager CLOSED our dealership. That'll show us! I'm sure she would want that made clear so to anyone out there who gives a flying rip: SHE closed our dealership--certainly not us!!! We were perfectly willing to just keep paying that debt while selling absolutely nothing. Anyhoo, I am still washing off the funk from that little doomed experiment in capitolism. My parting thoughts are that while the machines are well-made and have many features, rah, rah, blah, blah, blah, most sadly, they are grossly overpriced for our small town and general area. When the new state-of-the-art, be-all-end-all 830 comes out, the suggested MSRP is $12,000. Need I say more?????

So, on a personal level, I didn't even realize how it enslaved me and actually squelched my creativity instead of enhancing it. I was supposed to be a slave to their product and push it mercilessly and relentlessly at my own expense. I am thrilled to say I will now be going back to working three days a week at the quilt shop and have a few days to do miniatures, my own quilting designs and I will have time to spend with my Dad who certainly deserves no less than a little bit of my time after all he has done for me in my life.