Monday, March 31, 2008

Things for my Garden ShedTo make myself a deadline project, I am entering the Hobby Builders Supply Creatin' Contest and have partially assembled and painted my shed kit, The Adams. I've ordered several gardening items from Dollhouses and More, DeJoux Miniatures, Manor House Miniatures, HBS, and I've made a few items. Maggie, my oldest DD said to paint the potting table a rose color since I am going with a 'romantic', shabby chic look. The bee skep I made by gluing twine on a wooden form but I seem not to be able to find these little bee skep shapes anymore at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. The arrangements I made with paper punches, card stock (have since learned I should be using thinner grades of paper--who knew!). The kitty is my first official attempt at sculpting an animal in polymer clay and furring it. I didn't think she was too bad for a first attempt.

No garden is complete without statuary and you have to have St. Francis, right? Thank heavens this contest is not over until December as between work, children, the occasional housecleaning, cooking and laundry that I feel compelled to do to keep my husband from throwing up his hands in defeat and walking out the door, it will take me at least that long to create all of the flowers, vines, trees, etc. that I hope to make inside the shed and around it.
I love the little wire plant stand and the porcelain pots from Dollhouses and More. If only the miniature flower fairy would help me whip up some gorgeous, realistic flowers to fill them with. Actually, Gail from GSOLFOT, the famous Green Sock on Left Foot Tuesday Yahoo Group of which I am a proud member, was kind enough to call me from Arizona, no less, to give me plenty of pointers, tips and techniques for flowers. Her's are exquisite and beautiful so now I have something to aspire to. Thank you, Gail.
Here is Kittty up close. As I say, I know she is not perfect but I've about decided that only God, Kerri Pajutee, Susan Cobb, Sarah Jane (sj) and a few other artists you can find on CDHM, Custom Dolls, Houses & Miniatures, can create 'perfect' animals (oh, God can create perfect animals without the quotation marks--the others to whose level of expertise I can only dream of aspiring--can create them pretty darn close to perfect).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Display Shelf

I ordered this unfinished wooden shelf from Amy at Manor House Miniatures when it was on sale. Painted it white and glued in some little spring items. The bunnies I've had forever--literally they've been bouncing around from one storage box to another since my childhood. The little clock also came from Manor House and I think the little teaset did as well. The basket is an Al Chadronnait and I have some teensy little eggs I may glue on top of the moss. The little sheep on the meadow is glued to a button and I bought it at an antique mall down the street from our quilt shop. The Beatrix Potter book I'm not sure where I ordered from but have had it for a while. I plan for this to go into a garden and tea shed I am building in my mind and I'll post some more pix when I recharge my camera's battery.
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Friday, March 7, 2008

Just Discovered Uncle Joe's Cabins

Look What I Found on eBay!!.Discovered these gorgeous custom built log homes on eBay and wrote "Uncle Joe" to ask if he has a website. Turns out he does and he's not a crotchety old man--he's young and handsome. You can see him here on his website,
As you can see, he does beautiful work and I am going to start saving now to buy The Big Bear after Christmas this coming year. I'm already arranging my furniture in my mind!
Check out the rock fireplace. And they are lit.