Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stockton Miniatures Organ & Another Mini Painting AttemptOne of my Christmas $$ acquisitions was this beautiful pump organ by Stockton Miniatures. I should inherit the pump organ that belonged to our late Aunt Mae Gramling (our family are members of Gramling United Methodist Church where Aunt Mae attended) owned and loaned for a period of time to the church when they were organ-less. I hope to put this in a roombox decorated for Christmas--or a house. I actually have the Cottage, Jr. in progress which I began as a Christmas house so maybe I will actually finish that. Here's a better closeup pix. I was snapping in a hurry this morning before a hair apptmnt.
You can certainly see the quality workmanship and I am so privileged to have this in my collection.

Next is a work in progress of my attempt to capture a barn in the fall. The foreground is in need of more work and this photo didn't quite capture the colors well. When I get it finished, I will try to do a better job of photographing it. I am going to try to work toward a mini tripod.

And this was my latest eBay acquisition--just the roombox which was priced very reasonably itself but the lady added the chair and sofa as an added bonus! I need to send her a little gift for her generosity! There is no glass front to this box but it does have the lip that one can be slid into so I'm excited about its possibilities. Now if I only had more time to mini . . . . .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fierce Rooster PaintingThis is the culmiation of the past two mornings' painting efforts in miniature. I love roosters and this guy shows the fierce pride roosters generally take in themselves as the superior beings in the world.
A closer shot. Still a little tweaking I will do and therein lies my problem. I could dib and dab at these little efforts until kingdom comes but knowing when they're as good as I can get them is the problem.
I added a few more berry clusters to the black capped chicadee and declared him as good as I can get him. So sprayed him with varnish.
Likewise on the fox--he is varnished. Now my new friend, Peggy, I believe expressed an interest in him and if she would like to purchase him--or anyone out there would, drop me a line and let me know!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ta Da! My First Mini Floral Arrangement--I Love It!Here are various shots of my first attempt at a min floral arrangement. The twig basket I made recently from twigs I gathered in the yard--including some from a poison ivy plant I forgot was lethal and so was covered with an itchy rash from my chin to my forearms for two weeks.
The small rose type leaves are from Joleen's but today when I visited Micheal's, I couldn't find any so I hope these are still available. If not, I will have to break over and buy the punch to do this--I think Hanky Panky sells them if I'm not mistaken.
The mum-like purplish flowers are from plastic stems I got at Hobby Lobby as are the little beady lavender things. The roses I made from cream paper punched with a regular hole puncher and shaped and glued using Alene's Tacky Glue on green floral wire stems.
Now to spray with varnish and voila! I was so excited I went to Micheal's today and bought some more colored paper to make roses and I plan on making one of these in fall colors and another like this for my friend, Gen. Cute!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Patricia Paul Miniatures

Patricia Paul MiniaturesI love miniatures by Patricia Paul and am fortunate to belong to the Yahoo Group, Dream Dwellings, of which she is a member. This is a cage for a vulture.
This is her mouse infested bed fit for a haunted mansion or a witch's cottage indeed.
This is her wizard roombox she is in the process of making. Love those candles she made from Fimo. Visit her site at She is truly an artist. On day I aspire to reach this level of workmanship. Thank you to Patricia for granting me permission to post her pictures here. Until I can make some real progress in miniature ventures of my own, check back for more artisan pieces I find around the web.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Mini Sewing Shadow Box and an ElkPainted my cupboard with gesso this morning. I'm making another sewing shadow box to sell. Ordered some items from Paper Mini's and from Manor House Miniatures that will go in the box. My friend, Gen, bought the first one I made.
This really bad pix is of the elk I tried to paint. I've got some improvements to make.
This is with flash but shows the colors better. Feedback??????

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Fairy Houses Seen Around the WebosphereThis is Brambly Hedge by Ladybug, And does the Ladybug ever have some buff, scantily clad, beautiful fairy and fae creatures. It must be perpetually warm where these fairies live.

These two pix are from Twig Wizardry, I want one!!! But, I would have to make my own. I am envisioning a tree stump made from chicken wire and paper mache covered with Paperclay. But in the meantime, I keep trying my little acrylic paintings and have ordered items to go in another sewing room shadowbox. If I get it finished in time, Becky can take it with her when she vends at the Charleston quilt show the first weekend in March. Did I mention that my good friend and fellow quilter and mini enthusiest purchased my other one???? Does that make me a professional? Hmmmm. I doubt it but by gosh, I'm going to find a way to fit miniatures in my schedule. Life is short--you've got to Carpe Diem and all of that.

Oh, and dadnabbit, somebody out there must be reading my blog (if a blogger types in a void and no one is there to read it, is she really blogging or typing to herself?) because I was outbid on the Snakewood vase by Bertie on eBay. And you know who you are!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mini Discoveries Around the WebThis beautiful dollhouse miniature vase is by Bertie Pittman of Decoys Shorebirds Woodturning Art on eBay. His work is absolutely stunning. I keep wanting a green one but I keep spending my bucks elsewhere and running out. This one is acrylic and his wood pieces are mini works of art as well. I have a bid in on one so don't run over there and outbid me if you happen to see this.
I saw this fairy beach house on Flickr. It is made by Check out their website for some gorgeous, whimsical fairy houses.
This is one of Keri Pajuttee's exquisite, realistic animals. This one is a Maine Coon cat. Check out the expression.
This pix I also found on Flickr by 'indisguise'. It was taken in 2006 at a Minnesota renfest, indisguise said which I took to be a Rennaissance festival as is the one below.
In case anyone is actually reading this (which the 0 comments indicate I am writing out here in a vaccuum but I persevere alone against the odds), since my time for mini creations is vastly limited lately and anytime in the foreseeable future, I will be posting great finds and discoveries I happen upon or search down on the internet. I do not mean to 'steal' anyone's original photography and will try my dead-level darndest to give credit to everyone for their work. And if you are one of those people I am showing here, I hope if anyone does happen by, that it increases your business.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Today's Mini Painting EffortThis is what our marsh lands in South Carolina look like--sort of--they're prettier, of course. This is my attempt to show them. I see a few places I need to improve but I did like the intensity of the colors.

I have tried to straighten my barn. It was leaning a bit. I keep dibbing and dabbing at them adding a few little strokes, covering up things but I am re-learning mixing colors, blending, etc.
I would love feedback and helpful suggestions.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Today's Mini Painting AttemptThis fox in the snow is today's mini painting attempt. He's not finished. Do I know how to finish any of them, really? I'm not sure. I got out Helen Van Wyke's color recipes book and studied it while in my hotel room attending a seminar night before last but she painted in oils and these are acrylics and I don't have all the same colors. Which probably explains why I am not happy with many of my attempts so far. But I persevere.
This is with the flash on whereas the other was without.
We got out of our seminar early so I headed across Columbia, SC to Dollhouse Artisans, a new shop on Two Notch Road off the Florence I-20 exit. Bought this beautiful fishing rod by Island Crafts and Miniatures as well as the rustic frame below for my planned log home. Now, I'll have to create a Home Sweet Home needlepoint piece. Or maybe my more preferred saying, "Friends welcome. Relatives by appointment only." Or "Welcome to the Nut House."
Also bought these boots by Falcon. Will they hold up to the test of time? It may be years before Jerry ever has time to even start my log home.