Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Santa Brought Us . . . Joanna, I Mean!

Joanna at Christmas

Here was Joanna at the Biltmore Farm where we went right before Christmas holding a chicken at the farm. As it turns out, we weren't supposed to pick up the chickens but since we used to have chickens and this one didn't mind . . . . .

Here was the little dressed bed by LovNStitches on Etsy, a mother/daughter team and pix of the house kit--wish I was a whiz at putting them together.

We used some of our Christmas money to buy some furniture, the Lee's Line floral chair and loveseat the Spice armoire and coffee table. What I want is Mike Rowe's turned Bradford Pear table, as seen here in his Etsy shop, I may have to splurge unless someone beats me to it. He showed this on CDHM and I think it is beyond beautiful! (Scroll down to see it pictured in my Etsy favorites!)

Happy New Year and here's wishing everyone health, happiness and lotsa mini time and goodies! And remember my favorite Irish blessing:

May all who know us love us.
And if they do not love us, may God turn their hearts.

And if he cannot turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles so that we may know them by their limp.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Door

Christmas Door Shadow Box In Progress'

I thought it would be perfect to create a Christmas door shadowbox using one of the purchased shadow boxes at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I used Paperclay on the wall but, as Tracy Topps of Minis on the Edge, points out, beginners usually get carried away with the darkness of the colors on the stonework which I did. I used a purchased artificial 'frond' from Hobby Lobby, cut it apart and glued it around the door for greenery. The brass mailbox was yet another little gift from Kim Saulter (now officially my 'best friend' in miniatures!) and I sanded the plexiglass and glued a paint chip sample behind it. It needs a step and snow yet and I think I needed to use the larger shadowbox but I like it. The wreath I received in a swap but I am not allowed by the rules to let you know who made it unless the artisan contacts me and gives me permission--if she stops by my blog! Let me know what you think! I hope these will appeal to 'non-mini' folks.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Special Artisan Gifts!

Miniature Vintage Cookbooks

We received two special packages this week, the wonderful bake table and occasional table by Kim Saulter and then yesterday, these wonderful little vintage cookbooks by Pat Carlson, Miniatures by Pat Carlson! These will have to have a special spot in Joanna's kitchen when we get her house built and ready to decorate. Joanna and I would like to thank Pat for these special gifts. I'll have to post pix of Joanna holding these precious, special gifts! And I've got to figure out a way to repay them in kind--only my little mini efforts pale in comparison. Thank you both!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Special Gifts from Kim Saulter and a Mini Rug

So Excited!!!

I received the most exciting package in the mail today! Kim Saulter, a miniature artisan whose blog, It's a Miniature Life, you can find in my blog links and you can purchase her exquisite creations at CDHM, Custom Dollhouses and Miniatures where I 'met' her in the forums.

For Joanna's dollhouse Santa is bringing, Kim sent two little shabby chic 'aged' chairs, a precious little oval table with metal scrollwork legs with a sweet bouquet and a decorative china plate. The baking table as you can plainly see, is pink, Joanna's favorite color, and has a wealth of goodies in the midst of preparation--a cake, cookies, cupcakes and a beautiful cabbage rose bouquet, a mixer with frosting on the mixers and a Betty Crocker cookbook! I want to shrink and live in the house where these sweet, feminine little pieces will reside. As a bonus, she even sent two pieces of cake on two little saucers! I can't even begin to thank her enough. Now, what am I good enough at to reciprocate with??? Darnit, nothing, actually. I am working on it but Kim, you'll have to wait a while!

And above (one day I'll figure out how to load photos so that the one I want last is last) is a punch needle rug I just completed. I used the pattern Meadow Bouquet by Acorn Quilt and Gift Company using a Cameo punch needle. Jerry says it is too large and the pile is too thick. (Seems his Martha Stewart-like cullinary and decorating talents extend to the minute in size as well) and I was glad to find that Cameo now makes a micro needle for even smaller loops and lower piles. Maybe Kim would like a punch needle rug???!!