Saturday, November 22, 2008

Plans for Victoria's Farmhouse

Found Around the Web, Shabby Chic Decor

Here are some shabby chic items we'll need to find in miniature for Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse. The few pieces I happen to know Santa is bringing can't be shown here, of course, until after Christmas.

And I'd like to thank Rosezanne from the Greenleaf forums for sharing her PDF Victoria's Farmhouse building log, She gave me persmission to share it here and it is perfect. I love the stencil she used for the door and shutters and the trimwork she did on the banister railings and the way she stained the shingles. And I've never tape wired a house and she shows and explains it step by step.

In other news, I have been bitten by the Christmas bug (as a chronic procrastinator this is unusual for me) so am making lycopodium mini wreaths and creating a lycopodium tree from one of the bottle brush Lemax trees I bought in a package at Michael's when they were 50% off. Now to hope the ceilings in Joanna's house accomodate a 9" tree?! Watch them only take a 7" or 8" one! That might threaten my Christmas spirit! I'll post more pix--maybe one of Rosezanne's finished house when I don't have to get dressed for work . . . on a Saturday . . . when my Dad, husband and oldest DD are headed to the football game, Joanna is going to be dropped off at a birthday party and we have a huge out of town wedding this evening. Working on Saturday's in retail is sometimes a big old bummer.


Debbie said...

Can't wait to see the Tree & Wreaths..

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hi! If your planning on putting the tree in the downstairs room on the right, it is exactly 9" :)

Anonymous said...

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