Monday, November 10, 2008

Kerri Pajutee Miniature Animals

These are a few of Kerri Pajutee's exquisite and beautifully detailed miniature animals. You can find more on her website, She is one of the IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) who regularly contribute their tips, tutorials, and advice on CDHM, Custom Dollhouses and Miniatures. She has answered my questions after my feeble attempts at sculpting realistic animals. It's just one of the things I would like to master. I so admire her work and wish I could take a class from her.
Basically, she sculpts the animals over a wire armature using polymer clay, often in subsequent layers between baking and, if necessary, she refines them using carbide scrapers available from Rio Rondo, and then she flocks and furs them using mohair, alpaca, wool and other natural fibers. Beautiful!

Also, found on CDHM this week, I had to share what Jinny wrote about the hazards of working with miniscule little parts and pieces in a thread she titled The Horrors of Fat Finger Syndrom:

Finally the weekend...I decided to ignore my mountain of schoolwork and my majorly sleep-deprived state and ice the handful of plain, already baked doughnuts I made a while back.

Of course, fat finger syndrome stopped me from doing so. After mixing up the clay-TLS combination, I found that my too-wide fingers could barely hold the tiny doughnut, let alone ice it. But somehow, I managed to spread the icing on a little doughnut.

After making about three doughnuts this way, I set the fourth doughnut too close to the rest on the aluminum foil. And my horrendously fat finger brushed against the icing of another doughnut, causing it to stick to my hand. Frowning, I removed it with my other hand and dropped it on the baking sheet again. As my luck would have it, it landed icing-side down.

Annoyed, I pried the doughnut from the aluminum foil, but in doing so, my fat fingers accidentally nudged against the icing of two more doughuts. After finally getting rid of the little pink leeches, I almost gave up and went to sleep. But decided to try to finish one more.

Bad mistake.....

It was almost as if my fingers had gained weight in that short span of time. And finger obesity is a horrible thing, folks. I was entangled in a horrible pink mess. I gave up, washed my hands, and went to go take a nap.

Stupid doughnuts.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Bah hahaha! Stupid doughnuts!! That's too funny, and yet so true!!

LOVE!! Kerri's miniatures! WOW! I wanta kitty! This is the first time I have seen her work, THANKS for sharing it!!!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Wow! you could take some photo's of them being attacked by 'giant' mice (if you have any live mice of course)!