Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fabulous Works of Betsy Niederer, IGMA Fellow and CDHM Member

The Exquisite Works of Betsy Niederer
The first pix is of a cheese and fruit tray by Betsy Niederer, IGMA fellow and member of CDHM based on this one featured in Martha Stewart magazine. Betsy began making food for her children's Barbie house and decided she had a knack for it. You can see more of her beautiful works on her website, and in her CDHM gallery where you can purchase them for your own!
I know that Betsy uses paper punches to punch out her cookies from polymer clay and then glazes them with liquid sculpey and/or textural paints and glazes.

When I get this good at mini foods from polymer clay, maybe I'll be an IGMA artisan, too! Betsy has been very generous to share some of her tips on CDHM and with me in an e-mail and I 'd like to thank her for giving me permission to share some of her photos here. And also to Kerri Pajutee who did not yell at me (haha) for posting her gorgeous, realistic animals. That's me--living vicariously through other miniature artisans!


Amy said...

My first instinct was to say, no no this cannot be! But it can, and does! What extraordinary work-I'm still shaking my head. Thank you for sharing Betsy's wonderful art with us!

beth anderson said...

hi,how are you supposed to make realistic cooked meat texture need help please.