Thursday, November 13, 2008

Betsy & Mini's on Martha Stewart!!

Follow the link to see Betsy Neiderer on Martha Stewart! What a great way to promote mini's:

Copy and paste the link in your search box to find it or go to Martha Stewart's site and search Betsy Neiderer or mini cookie ornament.

And here is Betsy's video:


peggy said...

Wow, Betsy has some fantastic food! I was looking forward to the Martha Stewart segment, but wasn't home in time.
Thanks for posting the link.

Daisy Carpi said...

Hi Jody
Thanks for posting the link,here in Brazil we do not have this program.
Betsy was wonderful!

Big Red Angel said...

I too have a great love for Betsy's work and have been collecting her pieces for a few years now. She is the best miniature artist. :-)