Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Witching Hour Approaches

Progress on the Witch's Cottage

Got to clean up some of the hot glue residue. I made the potatoes from polymer clay and pastels using the paper bag trick as shown on a Victoria Miniland video. You make the potatoes, drop them in the bag one by one so they don't clump together and then rub ochre and light brown pastels on paper and sprinkle the dust in the bag. Close up and shake vigorously. Then pour them out on your surface and make indentations with dark brown or black pastel dust. Voila!

My attempt at corn stalks using a combination of stalks from dried material and raffia. Could use some tweeking on my next attempt. The pumpkins were made using a combination of translucent Fimo, bright orange and a tad of light brown. Love them! Happy Halloween

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