Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seymore with Whiskers, Fairy Door

Finally Got Seymore Whiskered and Made my Fairy House Door

In searching for the perfect nylon monofilament to use for Seymore's whiskers, I found one of the children's baby brushes in a junk drawer. I had considered YLI's monofilament 'invisible thread' but it seemed entirely too thin and the fishing line I was familiar with seemed too strong. Besides, all of the 16-year-old's, Ben's, was neon colored. (Don't you think the fish would get wise?) So, I cut strands from the brush and voila! Whiskers.
He is seen here with the fairy door I made from various blues in polymer clay mixed with some white. I first laid down the aluminum wire mesh used for shaping in the shape of the door on my tile and then ran blue and white polymer clay through the pasta machine to mix and then increased the setting to get it about 1/8" thick. I cut those with a ruler and blade and laid them on the mesh. I cooked one side and then made the other. I also brushed them with blue and violet pastels and Pearl Ex powder. After all of this work, Jerry and Maggie said what a putrid color of blue it is but Joanna, who is nine and more in tune with the tastes of fairies, said she liked it so I'm going with her opinion on this. Ben, 16, did not weigh in.
Now for the door knocker and latches. I love just about everything SP Miniatures carries. With my Christmas money last year, I bought some things for my dream log home in miniature. At this point, I may as well wish for a life sized log home in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Wait a minute--I already do wish for a life sized log home in Maggie Valley!!!! But with Maggie headed to Wofford College in about a week and all other living expenses we have going on, I just have to collect my stuff to go in it and hope one day I will own one in miniature. I showed many of my SP Miniatures acquisitions from last Christmas here and in my Flickr album where I am the Carolina Quilter. I was very proud of the Jeanetta Kimbell bear hall tree and the Taller Targioni (sp.) skis which I was smugly proud to see had a "SOLD" label on them after I bought them. Made me feel all special and important. I wanted to be able to put a foot note on them saying, "Purchased by miniature collector and artisan, Jody Raines, blah, blah, blah. . ." haha.
I ordered this Colonial/Tudor door knocker and latch from SP Miniatures. And, of course, I just had to have these very reasonably priced pear and blackberry platters to go in my dream home.

Oh, and I might add that I found cottage latches from Hobby Builders Supply that I would like to order next and Seymore and the fairy door are photographed in front of an antique textile shuttle I bought at a local antique mall. We live in the south where textiles were king and Inman, where I have lived all of my married life, 23 years, was home to Inman Mills which manufactured textiles but, like most textile mills, has been greatly diminished in size and output due to overseas outsourcing.

And to my pal, Beth, who will share the witch's cottage with me, I am waiting for Jerry to have time to cut the chimney opening on the back roof and reinforce the first floor before finishing. I know: Halloween is a coming! I'm on it!!!!!


Katie's Clay Corner said...

I AM SO GLAD to see you back. I thought you'd run away or something. Ok, so when can I move into the fairy house?? What, I'm too big, darn it!! I've always wanted to do a giant mushroom house, and your chicken wire is getting my wheels a turning.....oh, And I'm in love with Seymore! He's so freakin' cute! He needs a lady friend, though...or he's going to be mighty lonely, lol!! I can't wait to see where you take this.....I love a good fariy tale!!
:) Katie

Daisy Carpi said...

I have a prize for you, catches it in mine blog.

daisycarpi said...

Yes,you understand all right!