Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seymore the Mouse

This is Seymore Mouse Who Will Live in the Fairy House SceneAfter searching in vain for a little mouse who had been eternally preserved by a taxidermist, I decided to sculpt one for my fairy house scene. Who knew people who are into taxidermy don't generally go for mice??? Anyway, here he is 'nekkid' as we say in the Southern USA. I went all over Hobby Lobby and Micheal's and called a local bead shop, Horse Feathers in Campobello and no one had 6 mm round jet black glass beads. And when I get something on my mind, it becomes an obsession. I was bound and determined to finish this little sculpt I started I think Saturday night--before I sang a solo in church Sunday, the girls and I started monumental housework and we baled hay Sunday afternoon. So, I had these not-quite-round black glass beads at the shop so used them embedding them into the clay so that the rounded part protruded.
I wish I had sculpted him so that he was holding his tail and yet, as a novice sculptor, I was just glad the clay covered wire didn't fall off during the baking.
So, last night after Joanna and I spent all day finishing the downstairs cleaning, I flocked and furred him. The white flocking is alpaca and the body fur is a heathered wool yarn. I had colored him with chalk pastels and a paint brush so the pink shows through on his ears and tail.
While he is by far not 'perfect', I love him and I consider him the very best I could do at this point. Oh, and he is named Seymore because after I posted him 'nekkid' on some of my Yahoo Groups including Dream Dwellings and Merry Mini Makers, Doc Patty suggested he needed a name. I looked up some popular pet names on my laptop and the girls, Maggie, Joanna, and I decided he should be named Seymore.
Now all he needs is whiskers and for me to finish the fairy house which seems to be yet another work in progress which is taking eons longer for me to do because of work, laundry, a modicum of mothering and the least amount of cooking, laundry and housework I can do. So, for whiskers??? Do I use 'invisible' monofilament thread or fishing line?


Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Whiskers or not, Seymore is one lucky mouse!!! I think he's great! Keep up the great work!

Amy H. said...

I think he came out great. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Seymore needs a witch hat and a book of spells. Halloween is just around the corner. It's time to sort out your priorities - the witch's cottage is waiting!!!

:-} hehe - beth

seriously, he's pretty groovy