Friday, August 8, 2008

A Fairy Tree Stump House

Progress So Far on my Fairy Tree Stump HouseHere is the fairy tree stump house in its radiant glory. It consists of two layers of chicken wire tapering upward and is a little over two feet high. Between those layers I put cotton batting and then glued strips of newspaper soaked in water, glue and corn starch.
Last night, I cut the door and windows out and reinforced the edges with painter's tape. A word about masking tape--buy the good stuff. This lighter tape you see is from a local dollar store and is not worth the $2 it cost. I could have done better with spit and Kleenex. So, it's to the hardware store today for decent tape.
This fairy chair, I'm afriad is too large for the house. Though I wasn't strictly trying to adhere to 1:12th scale here, this is more like 1:6th scale. I love it and am pretty proud of it as my first excursion into 'furniture building' and I don't have many more purple silk flowers like this but it may be too big for the fairy house?!

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Anonymous said...

How adorable! I've been planning a tree stump house for years and haven't gotten farther than collecting materials.