Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My 'Slate Floor' Painted

My 'Slate ' Floor for My Garden ShedLast night after our trip to Columbia, SC, our state capitol for Maggie to receive a citizenship award, I did a little straightening and vacuuming and rewarded myself by painting my 'slate floor'. I used a medium gray acrylic paint (white and black in about equal parts) and, here's the best part, my oldest DD, Maggie, 17, who graduates next month and then leaves us for college, and who has been turning up her dainty nose at my invitations to help with this garden shed, actually volunteered to help me paint. We had a blast. After we did the medium gray base coat, she dry brushed lighter dabs of paint and I quickly smudged them in. She laughed hysterically at me quickly rubbing each stone as she dabbed. These are the things that make a middle aged mother's heart soar! Now that makes Jerry, Joanna and Maggie who have helped with this project and Ben, my 16 year old son, who has only acted as a consultant making helpful comments here and there, will be roped into it before we're done.
Here are two more shots. This morning I dry brushed some Pearl Ex powder in copper and pearl and painted a slightly darker gray for the caulking in between the stones (well, of course, you wouldn't caulk right on top of them I don't guess??!)
And because we were too tired to get the camera to preserve our mother/daughter painting moment, here is a pix of Maggie during the ceremony at the State Capitol yesterday in Columbia. She received a citizenship award voted on by the faculty. The only problem was that so did seemingly 3,000 other students from across the state, one from each school so we were standing here at the very top of the steps under the portico instead of sitting on the cold stone steps in our skirts showing, as my mother used to say, our assifidity to the world. We did get to see Governor Mark Sanford, who, I might add, will go down in history as having brought a live pig into the hallowed halls of the South Carolina state house to demonstrate the pork barrell spending he was fighting and who also has been a rumored contender for VP under John McCain, as he walked past the steps to address the assembly and we could barely see the back of his head and hear dibs and dabs of his speech. We chose not to wait in the line that went from him seemingly to the state of Florida to have an individual picture made with our personal camera. We opted to walk down the street to have a sandwich and hit a few antique shops. I might add here that I did find a few little items for my garden shed which I will picture here in a day or so. Here is my good-looking husband, Jerry and my beautiful daughter, Maggie and then, the matronly one there with the goofy reading glasses is moi (how did this happen??).


caitlin said...

With all your helpers, amd such attention to detail, you surely will have a lovely entry for the HBS contest. Me? I am not entering. Maybe when I get a few completed projects under my belt.

caitlin said...

One more thng I gotta ask...did Maggie receive the citizenship award for helping her mom with the garden shed project? Just kidding. Congrats to Maggie!

Anonymous said...
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