Friday, April 25, 2008

Interior Decorating

Playing Interior Decorator with my Garden ShedI don't know if it was bad chicken salad, a bug or evil manifesting itself but lets just say I was unable to work today. So, I stayed home and played with my doll house. Actually it's my garden shed. I glued the cut craft sticks in for my bead board and will have to finish it.
Here are a few of the items I've collected, bought or made. I was unsure about the little bench from Barb's Corner on eBay. It seemed so teensy I was worried it was 1:24th scale instead of 1:12th scale. I wrote and asked her and she was gracious enough to offer to take it back if I wasn't pleased but I think it will look good with pots on it inside, not outside as an actual bench people could sit on. What do you think?
Lots of flower and plant making will have to go on from now on and I still need some more shelves to put on the opposite wall. This Adams Shed is larger than it seems.
Here is one of my prized Sir Thom Thumb pieces, a beautiful long-handled shovel. The bird feeder will go outside but the jury is out on whether the bird bath will be in or out.
This plate I bought at a local antique shop. It will hang on the wall with some framed prints. I'm eager to get the interior finished so I can glue stuff in place! Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


caitlin said...

Hi, hope you're feeling better! RE: interior's my take on the whole thing. Keep the bench definitely as a garden stuff/potting bench, but I'd move the birdbath and the cat to the outside. That cat should be seen out in plain sight!
That beautiful lady painting...why is it going in a garden shed? She looks as if she could be someone's ancestor, and would look better(?) in a living or dining room.
You have so many cool pieces to use, just be aware of over- stuffing the shed. You have to ask yourself is this a real working garden shed, or a corner of a room with no real practicality other than to look romantically shabby chic? In other words, a picture is worth a thousand words; what is your 'picture' saying to the judges and audience? And that's mho, considering all I've ever done for a show type sitch is in a 6-inch niche working with a couple of African violet blooms and assorted 'ephemera'!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I like where your going with this! The beadboard looks good~ goes well against the teal~ and the floor!! I love the little bench inside with the flower pots on it. And it would be cute to put a piece of glass on top of the birdbath and turn in into a could put a planter on it or something (assuming your using it inside). Just a few ideas, but, follow your heart. Can't wait to see what's next!

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