Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspiration for My Mini Garden ShedWhere have I been? Hmmmm. .. Well, for spring break, we did manage to go to Myrtle Beach for a few days which was heaven. Then Monday, I went to Columbia, SC to give a thread painting program and workshop for a guild and there was all the preparation beforehand. Anyway, on the mini's front, I have been slowly working on my garden shed I intend to enter in the Hobby Builder's Supply contest. I have walls painted but then we decided that the ceiling should be taken out so now there is a line of painting that must be sanded and the upper part of the side walls painted now. I am still collecting as well and the inspiration I am using, among other sources, is this issue of Romantic Homes, specifically, the photo below.
I love this room from the issue pictured above, the May 2000 issue, Volume 13, No. 5. This garden shed was pictured in an article entitled Flight of Fancy. It featured a collection of blue birds by designer Janette Santini and her daughter, Tamara Hichman at their gift boutique and tea house, Buttercut Cottage. I have amassed quite a collection of accessories from various sources including eBay mini shops, HBS, and local antique malls--you have to search but some mini's are there and there are some jewelry pieces that can be adapted. I have also just subscribed to Jennifer's blog, She not only has lots of inspirational pix and info on the romantic, shabby chic look but tons of links, photos and info. Fun! Now if only I could make a large sweeping motion with my hand and transform my own home into a beautiful shabby chic place. Unfortunately right now with our work and school schedules, it's just shabby, not chic. I'll post some progress on my garden shed as I make it. The current debate is how to do the floor. Jerry says stone work with Creative Paperclay. Now to look for pix for inspiration.


caitlin said...

When you submit your entry for the contest, do you have to identify the origins/artists of the pieces you have included?

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Thanks for the link to Jennifer's blog~ she has so many beautiful pictures!! It was great eye candy!!