Sunday, April 27, 2008

Garden Shed Shop?

As Found Around the Web for InspirationKatie from Katie's Clay Corner suggested I add a glass table topper to my bird bath and I found this pix on New Home Advisory Board that shows a beautiful birdbath with glass top.
Here are a few other pix I found around the web of the look I'm going for--I guess having worked at Motlow Creek Garden Center in Gowensville,, where they had about five little shops, The Bird House, The English Cottage, the Oriental Pavillion, the Potting Shed and the main greenhouse and checkout plus two greenhouses and the main office, I have that little shed/shop mentality and I am leaning toward my garden shed being a little retail shop. The above photo is from the Grandfather Mountain Nursery Site in Banner Elk, North Carolina, an hour or so above us in the SC foothills, ironically enough.
This is from Miss Trawick's of California--love the overstuffed, cottage-y feel of this!
This one I'm afraid I can't give credit--I'll have to look it up! So sorry to the nursery who put this on the web. I will have to go back and do some research--don't mean to steal images without giving due credit. Found it:
This one is Roorbach's Gift Shop, Love it!
And this is a gorgeous footpath at Kern's Nursery,


Katie's Clay Corner said...

These pictures are great! AND I LOVE THE BIRDBATH TABLE!! The picture you found is exactly what I was thinking! Perfect!!

caitlin said...

So now I understand what you're doing...I thought you were going for a garden shed. period. because of the rake, bug spray, birdbath, etc. But you're going for a garden shed shop! I wasn't sure how you were going to combine all those pretty things with a regular old garden shed, but now I've got the right idea. The photos really are gorgeous, aren't they? So many ideas for you to incorporate.

Ana Anselmo said...

lovely, really inspiring!!!!
hugs from Portugal