Friday, April 18, 2008

A Few Things I Ordered For My Garden Shed Project!I have solicited my wonderful husband's help in the 'architectural' details of my garden shed that I intend to enter in The Creatin' Contest sponsored annually by Hobby Builders Supply. The flooring was sagging so he has reinforced it with wooden pieces, glued and clamped it and has removed the ceiling since, after gluing it in, I decided maybe I should have left it an open ceiling. He is my head contractor, builder, advisor and engineer. Every evening after supper, laundry, his grass cutting and car washing, etc., etc., etc., I say, "Okay, let's play dollhouse!" He just rolls his beautiful brown eyes and grabs the ruler and pieces of wood. He has suggested that I use Creative Paperclay to create a slate looking floor so I've been poring over the internet looking for slate flooring for examples. I do love Creative Paperclay--it is wonderful stuff. I just wish they sold it in larger quantities.

I still think I want a shelf going around the top for extra 'stuff' but it will look better open. I have sanded, gesso'd and painted the first coat of seafoam green on the top where the ceiling was removed and will sand again and paint another coat tonight. This beautiful mossy jardinere above is from Kerbey Lane Miniatures on eBay and I've bought from her several times in the past and been very pleased with her selection (she carries items from my favorite miniature artisan, Sir Thom Thumb as well as lots of other designers whose stuff I love). This, I know will be one of my favorite pieces.
The turtle also came from Kerbey Lane and I hope to create a pond and he will be crawling toward it on the flagstones. I have kept for years a fairly large powder container that is dark on the inside and will make a perfect pond surrounded by stones, filled with goldfish, koi and aquatic plants. If I can figure out how to do the water--any ideas????? I've seen realistic water done with resin but don't know how to do it.
The vine wrapped bird bath I ordered from Hobby Builders Supply, among other things. How am I, a working mother of three, affording to order these luxury items to feed my mini habit??? Well, I am supporting one hobby with the fruits of another. I did a thread painting/quilting workshop and program for a guild in Columbia Tuesday and I am using part of what I was paid for the workshop to buy some absolutely necessary items for my garden shed. Robbing Peter to pay Paul as it were. Oh well. Life is more of a challenge when you're not wealthy I guess.
You can see one of the magazine photos I am using for inspiration in my last post. I've got to subscribe to Romantic Homes. I love it.


caitlin said...

I would suggest getting a small container of comes with directions, and then experiment with a couple of disposable/ unimportant small dishes similar to the same size of the pond, to kind of get the hang of it. Use small amounts. You probably already figured out this much so far. You've come this far, this is just one more challenge.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I love the turtle~ too cute!! And the jar~ are those lion heads on the side?? It's really neat!

~ And I read an article in the May 08 issue of American Miniaturist about making a pond. There is step by step instructions for using resin...if you can't find it, let me know, and I get it to you.