Thursday, April 24, 2008

Currently on My Wish List

Currently on My Wish List (Beside the Entry , $1 Million), Of CourseI have to admit I am a slave to mini's on eBay. I know eBay has gotten some bad press lately and has made these quirky changes to the way they do feedback, fees, etc.. I'm aware some people refer to it as "Feebay" so I have some guilt that I am stabbing some sellers in the back still buying there. I am also aware that the new CEO (is it?) has said he is going to change the . . . was it 'yard sale' or 'junk sale' or 'flea market' atmosphere? Also, as a small business owner, I know how difficult it is for small businesses to survive in this big box store, conglomerate retail market. However, eBay is largely still made up of these same small business people and you can find some great stuff there. So, having said all of that, these are a few of the current items I have on my eBay wish list from Kerbey Lane, user name lacyhome4boys. Personally, I have bought so much from her over the years I think she should give me frequent buyer credits. And here I am advertising in my small way for her! So, what do you say, "Lacy"? haha. No, seriously.

Anyhoo, the photo above is the cutest bug sprayer and every garden shed has to have that, huh?
And here you've got your standard Miracle Gro which is really miraculous stuff. Plants just flourish on these blue crystals of magic.
If you've read some of my entries, I love everything Sir Thom Thumb (from Canada, I believe?) makes. I have a ladder, a long handled shovel, an axe and some small tools. This bamboo rake is a gotta have. I will accept no substitutes even though it's staring $25 square in the face. But look at it!!!!! I'd love the wheelbarrow from SP Miniatures, another of my favorite miniature retailers on the net but not on eBay.
This is a cute and very affordable step ladder and I want some high shelves in my shed which will require the imaginary gardeners to climb up to get things. I have found a few little pieces in antique shops and I am hoping to line the upper shelves with 'antique' and flea market type finds.
This is a cute wheelbarrow and much less $ than my dream one by Sir Thom. I think I will have to get this one--one of my curses in life is having champagne taste and beer money. But I intend to enter this project in every contest, show and venue that will allow it in.

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caitlin said...

Ya know, some things..., you just gotta have! I think that bug sprayer is mighty cute, but then again, I am not a bug.