Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coaxing the Family into the Project

Turning my Miniature Obsession into a Family AffairHere is Joanna, eight, punching out flowers from painted paper for the garden shed project. I tried to get Maggie, 17 and Ben, 16, to join in but they refused. Being a Sunday, after church we went with friends to a local restaurant for lunch and the two older ones decided to go out on the porch and bask in the sun--go figure--they didn't want to play dolls?!
Here is Jerry my wonderful, long-suffering husband who allows me to all of my various hobbies and flights of creativity. He actually took it upon himself without my having to beg to reinforce the floor of my Adams garden shed. It was bowing a bit and I am no architect or engineer. he can literally do anything with tools and everything he does is done perfectly.

Perfect! now he has to do the same thing to my abandoned witch's cottage so I can get that finished by Halloween. I would love to enter these in the state fair miniature division and I'm going to look into that. I also intend to look into how I can work toward doing a display at the cultural center or the art center in Spartanburg. Miniatures are not that popular in our area and there are no miniature specialty stores. However, they do say at Hobby Lobby that they sell quite a few miniature supplies so maybe others like myself are 'out there' and we just haven't found each other!
And here is my second attempt at Creative Paperclay. I tried to create a 'slate' floor for my garden shed. I'll let it dry and then paint the 'stones' dark gray and the caulking or whatever in between an off white. I love Creative Paperclay and now one of my fondest wishes is to take a class from Rik Pierce. Oh, to have plenty of time and money. The things I could do.


caitlin said...

Oh, the witch cottage-!-...I thought that sounded like a great idea, and am glad you haven't totally abandoned it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun project. "Before" pics are always great to have especially when family is involved. Hope to see pics of everything when it's finished.
Cath (CDHM)

Kelly said...

Jody it looks like you are really doing a great job with your miniatures! Your garden shed will be wonderful and the slate floor looks excellent. How lucky to have a husband who will help you out - mine does too. Lucky, Lucky!