Sunday, April 27, 2008

Garden Shed Shop?

As Found Around the Web for InspirationKatie from Katie's Clay Corner suggested I add a glass table topper to my bird bath and I found this pix on New Home Advisory Board that shows a beautiful birdbath with glass top.
Here are a few other pix I found around the web of the look I'm going for--I guess having worked at Motlow Creek Garden Center in Gowensville,, where they had about five little shops, The Bird House, The English Cottage, the Oriental Pavillion, the Potting Shed and the main greenhouse and checkout plus two greenhouses and the main office, I have that little shed/shop mentality and I am leaning toward my garden shed being a little retail shop. The above photo is from the Grandfather Mountain Nursery Site in Banner Elk, North Carolina, an hour or so above us in the SC foothills, ironically enough.
This is from Miss Trawick's of California--love the overstuffed, cottage-y feel of this!
This one I'm afraid I can't give credit--I'll have to look it up! So sorry to the nursery who put this on the web. I will have to go back and do some research--don't mean to steal images without giving due credit. Found it:
This one is Roorbach's Gift Shop, Love it!
And this is a gorgeous footpath at Kern's Nursery,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Interior Decorating

Playing Interior Decorator with my Garden ShedI don't know if it was bad chicken salad, a bug or evil manifesting itself but lets just say I was unable to work today. So, I stayed home and played with my doll house. Actually it's my garden shed. I glued the cut craft sticks in for my bead board and will have to finish it.
Here are a few of the items I've collected, bought or made. I was unsure about the little bench from Barb's Corner on eBay. It seemed so teensy I was worried it was 1:24th scale instead of 1:12th scale. I wrote and asked her and she was gracious enough to offer to take it back if I wasn't pleased but I think it will look good with pots on it inside, not outside as an actual bench people could sit on. What do you think?
Lots of flower and plant making will have to go on from now on and I still need some more shelves to put on the opposite wall. This Adams Shed is larger than it seems.
Here is one of my prized Sir Thom Thumb pieces, a beautiful long-handled shovel. The bird feeder will go outside but the jury is out on whether the bird bath will be in or out.
This plate I bought at a local antique shop. It will hang on the wall with some framed prints. I'm eager to get the interior finished so I can glue stuff in place! Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Currently on My Wish List

Currently on My Wish List (Beside the Entry , $1 Million), Of CourseI have to admit I am a slave to mini's on eBay. I know eBay has gotten some bad press lately and has made these quirky changes to the way they do feedback, fees, etc.. I'm aware some people refer to it as "Feebay" so I have some guilt that I am stabbing some sellers in the back still buying there. I am also aware that the new CEO (is it?) has said he is going to change the . . . was it 'yard sale' or 'junk sale' or 'flea market' atmosphere? Also, as a small business owner, I know how difficult it is for small businesses to survive in this big box store, conglomerate retail market. However, eBay is largely still made up of these same small business people and you can find some great stuff there. So, having said all of that, these are a few of the current items I have on my eBay wish list from Kerbey Lane, user name lacyhome4boys. Personally, I have bought so much from her over the years I think she should give me frequent buyer credits. And here I am advertising in my small way for her! So, what do you say, "Lacy"? haha. No, seriously.

Anyhoo, the photo above is the cutest bug sprayer and every garden shed has to have that, huh?
And here you've got your standard Miracle Gro which is really miraculous stuff. Plants just flourish on these blue crystals of magic.
If you've read some of my entries, I love everything Sir Thom Thumb (from Canada, I believe?) makes. I have a ladder, a long handled shovel, an axe and some small tools. This bamboo rake is a gotta have. I will accept no substitutes even though it's staring $25 square in the face. But look at it!!!!! I'd love the wheelbarrow from SP Miniatures, another of my favorite miniature retailers on the net but not on eBay.
This is a cute and very affordable step ladder and I want some high shelves in my shed which will require the imaginary gardeners to climb up to get things. I have found a few little pieces in antique shops and I am hoping to line the upper shelves with 'antique' and flea market type finds.
This is a cute wheelbarrow and much less $ than my dream one by Sir Thom. I think I will have to get this one--one of my curses in life is having champagne taste and beer money. But I intend to enter this project in every contest, show and venue that will allow it in.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My 'Slate Floor' Painted

My 'Slate ' Floor for My Garden ShedLast night after our trip to Columbia, SC, our state capitol for Maggie to receive a citizenship award, I did a little straightening and vacuuming and rewarded myself by painting my 'slate floor'. I used a medium gray acrylic paint (white and black in about equal parts) and, here's the best part, my oldest DD, Maggie, 17, who graduates next month and then leaves us for college, and who has been turning up her dainty nose at my invitations to help with this garden shed, actually volunteered to help me paint. We had a blast. After we did the medium gray base coat, she dry brushed lighter dabs of paint and I quickly smudged them in. She laughed hysterically at me quickly rubbing each stone as she dabbed. These are the things that make a middle aged mother's heart soar! Now that makes Jerry, Joanna and Maggie who have helped with this project and Ben, my 16 year old son, who has only acted as a consultant making helpful comments here and there, will be roped into it before we're done.
Here are two more shots. This morning I dry brushed some Pearl Ex powder in copper and pearl and painted a slightly darker gray for the caulking in between the stones (well, of course, you wouldn't caulk right on top of them I don't guess??!)
And because we were too tired to get the camera to preserve our mother/daughter painting moment, here is a pix of Maggie during the ceremony at the State Capitol yesterday in Columbia. She received a citizenship award voted on by the faculty. The only problem was that so did seemingly 3,000 other students from across the state, one from each school so we were standing here at the very top of the steps under the portico instead of sitting on the cold stone steps in our skirts showing, as my mother used to say, our assifidity to the world. We did get to see Governor Mark Sanford, who, I might add, will go down in history as having brought a live pig into the hallowed halls of the South Carolina state house to demonstrate the pork barrell spending he was fighting and who also has been a rumored contender for VP under John McCain, as he walked past the steps to address the assembly and we could barely see the back of his head and hear dibs and dabs of his speech. We chose not to wait in the line that went from him seemingly to the state of Florida to have an individual picture made with our personal camera. We opted to walk down the street to have a sandwich and hit a few antique shops. I might add here that I did find a few little items for my garden shed which I will picture here in a day or so. Here is my good-looking husband, Jerry and my beautiful daughter, Maggie and then, the matronly one there with the goofy reading glasses is moi (how did this happen??).

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coaxing the Family into the Project

Turning my Miniature Obsession into a Family AffairHere is Joanna, eight, punching out flowers from painted paper for the garden shed project. I tried to get Maggie, 17 and Ben, 16, to join in but they refused. Being a Sunday, after church we went with friends to a local restaurant for lunch and the two older ones decided to go out on the porch and bask in the sun--go figure--they didn't want to play dolls?!
Here is Jerry my wonderful, long-suffering husband who allows me to all of my various hobbies and flights of creativity. He actually took it upon himself without my having to beg to reinforce the floor of my Adams garden shed. It was bowing a bit and I am no architect or engineer. he can literally do anything with tools and everything he does is done perfectly.

Perfect! now he has to do the same thing to my abandoned witch's cottage so I can get that finished by Halloween. I would love to enter these in the state fair miniature division and I'm going to look into that. I also intend to look into how I can work toward doing a display at the cultural center or the art center in Spartanburg. Miniatures are not that popular in our area and there are no miniature specialty stores. However, they do say at Hobby Lobby that they sell quite a few miniature supplies so maybe others like myself are 'out there' and we just haven't found each other!
And here is my second attempt at Creative Paperclay. I tried to create a 'slate' floor for my garden shed. I'll let it dry and then paint the 'stones' dark gray and the caulking or whatever in between an off white. I love Creative Paperclay and now one of my fondest wishes is to take a class from Rik Pierce. Oh, to have plenty of time and money. The things I could do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Few Things I Ordered For My Garden Shed Project!I have solicited my wonderful husband's help in the 'architectural' details of my garden shed that I intend to enter in The Creatin' Contest sponsored annually by Hobby Builders Supply. The flooring was sagging so he has reinforced it with wooden pieces, glued and clamped it and has removed the ceiling since, after gluing it in, I decided maybe I should have left it an open ceiling. He is my head contractor, builder, advisor and engineer. Every evening after supper, laundry, his grass cutting and car washing, etc., etc., etc., I say, "Okay, let's play dollhouse!" He just rolls his beautiful brown eyes and grabs the ruler and pieces of wood. He has suggested that I use Creative Paperclay to create a slate looking floor so I've been poring over the internet looking for slate flooring for examples. I do love Creative Paperclay--it is wonderful stuff. I just wish they sold it in larger quantities.

I still think I want a shelf going around the top for extra 'stuff' but it will look better open. I have sanded, gesso'd and painted the first coat of seafoam green on the top where the ceiling was removed and will sand again and paint another coat tonight. This beautiful mossy jardinere above is from Kerbey Lane Miniatures on eBay and I've bought from her several times in the past and been very pleased with her selection (she carries items from my favorite miniature artisan, Sir Thom Thumb as well as lots of other designers whose stuff I love). This, I know will be one of my favorite pieces.
The turtle also came from Kerbey Lane and I hope to create a pond and he will be crawling toward it on the flagstones. I have kept for years a fairly large powder container that is dark on the inside and will make a perfect pond surrounded by stones, filled with goldfish, koi and aquatic plants. If I can figure out how to do the water--any ideas????? I've seen realistic water done with resin but don't know how to do it.
The vine wrapped bird bath I ordered from Hobby Builders Supply, among other things. How am I, a working mother of three, affording to order these luxury items to feed my mini habit??? Well, I am supporting one hobby with the fruits of another. I did a thread painting/quilting workshop and program for a guild in Columbia Tuesday and I am using part of what I was paid for the workshop to buy some absolutely necessary items for my garden shed. Robbing Peter to pay Paul as it were. Oh well. Life is more of a challenge when you're not wealthy I guess.
You can see one of the magazine photos I am using for inspiration in my last post. I've got to subscribe to Romantic Homes. I love it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspiration for My Mini Garden ShedWhere have I been? Hmmmm. .. Well, for spring break, we did manage to go to Myrtle Beach for a few days which was heaven. Then Monday, I went to Columbia, SC to give a thread painting program and workshop for a guild and there was all the preparation beforehand. Anyway, on the mini's front, I have been slowly working on my garden shed I intend to enter in the Hobby Builder's Supply contest. I have walls painted but then we decided that the ceiling should be taken out so now there is a line of painting that must be sanded and the upper part of the side walls painted now. I am still collecting as well and the inspiration I am using, among other sources, is this issue of Romantic Homes, specifically, the photo below.
I love this room from the issue pictured above, the May 2000 issue, Volume 13, No. 5. This garden shed was pictured in an article entitled Flight of Fancy. It featured a collection of blue birds by designer Janette Santini and her daughter, Tamara Hichman at their gift boutique and tea house, Buttercut Cottage. I have amassed quite a collection of accessories from various sources including eBay mini shops, HBS, and local antique malls--you have to search but some mini's are there and there are some jewelry pieces that can be adapted. I have also just subscribed to Jennifer's blog, She not only has lots of inspirational pix and info on the romantic, shabby chic look but tons of links, photos and info. Fun! Now if only I could make a large sweeping motion with my hand and transform my own home into a beautiful shabby chic place. Unfortunately right now with our work and school schedules, it's just shabby, not chic. I'll post some progress on my garden shed as I make it. The current debate is how to do the floor. Jerry says stone work with Creative Paperclay. Now to look for pix for inspiration.