Friday, February 1, 2008

Today's Mini Painting AttemptThis fox in the snow is today's mini painting attempt. He's not finished. Do I know how to finish any of them, really? I'm not sure. I got out Helen Van Wyke's color recipes book and studied it while in my hotel room attending a seminar night before last but she painted in oils and these are acrylics and I don't have all the same colors. Which probably explains why I am not happy with many of my attempts so far. But I persevere.
This is with the flash on whereas the other was without.
We got out of our seminar early so I headed across Columbia, SC to Dollhouse Artisans, a new shop on Two Notch Road off the Florence I-20 exit. Bought this beautiful fishing rod by Island Crafts and Miniatures as well as the rustic frame below for my planned log home. Now, I'll have to create a Home Sweet Home needlepoint piece. Or maybe my more preferred saying, "Friends welcome. Relatives by appointment only." Or "Welcome to the Nut House."
Also bought these boots by Falcon. Will they hold up to the test of time? It may be years before Jerry ever has time to even start my log home.

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pussman said...

well done, the fox is great!