Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ta Da! My First Mini Floral Arrangement--I Love It!Here are various shots of my first attempt at a min floral arrangement. The twig basket I made recently from twigs I gathered in the yard--including some from a poison ivy plant I forgot was lethal and so was covered with an itchy rash from my chin to my forearms for two weeks.
The small rose type leaves are from Joleen's but today when I visited Micheal's, I couldn't find any so I hope these are still available. If not, I will have to break over and buy the punch to do this--I think Hanky Panky sells them if I'm not mistaken.
The mum-like purplish flowers are from plastic stems I got at Hobby Lobby as are the little beady lavender things. The roses I made from cream paper punched with a regular hole puncher and shaped and glued using Alene's Tacky Glue on green floral wire stems.
Now to spray with varnish and voila! I was so excited I went to Micheal's today and bought some more colored paper to make roses and I plan on making one of these in fall colors and another like this for my friend, Gen. Cute!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your flowers! I'd really like to see your little basket too. From what I can see, I would like to hear how to make one. Thanks so much for telling us how you came about doing the plants.
p.s. Now I'm also waiting for the new sewing cabinet.

Anonymous said...

I need to learn how to automatically come hree to see what is new. Is there a trick to that?

The Carolina Quilter said...

Hey, Peggy, hope you come back! You can subscribe to the RSS Feed to get updates in your inbox, I think! I hope! Thank you for your kind comments.


patisserie chef said...

Thanks for adding me. I have visited your blog! It's lovely! I'm new to blogspot and am still struggling to learn how to add you to my blog. Your flowers are so beautiful!

Daisy Carpi said...