Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stockton Miniatures Organ & Another Mini Painting AttemptOne of my Christmas $$ acquisitions was this beautiful pump organ by Stockton Miniatures. I should inherit the pump organ that belonged to our late Aunt Mae Gramling (our family are members of Gramling United Methodist Church where Aunt Mae attended) owned and loaned for a period of time to the church when they were organ-less. I hope to put this in a roombox decorated for Christmas--or a house. I actually have the Cottage, Jr. in progress which I began as a Christmas house so maybe I will actually finish that. Here's a better closeup pix. I was snapping in a hurry this morning before a hair apptmnt.
You can certainly see the quality workmanship and I am so privileged to have this in my collection.

Next is a work in progress of my attempt to capture a barn in the fall. The foreground is in need of more work and this photo didn't quite capture the colors well. When I get it finished, I will try to do a better job of photographing it. I am going to try to work toward a mini tripod.

And this was my latest eBay acquisition--just the roombox which was priced very reasonably itself but the lady added the chair and sofa as an added bonus! I need to send her a little gift for her generosity! There is no glass front to this box but it does have the lip that one can be slid into so I'm excited about its possibilities. Now if I only had more time to mini . . . . .

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