Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Fairy Houses Seen Around the WebosphereThis is Brambly Hedge by Ladybug, And does the Ladybug ever have some buff, scantily clad, beautiful fairy and fae creatures. It must be perpetually warm where these fairies live.

These two pix are from Twig Wizardry, I want one!!! But, I would have to make my own. I am envisioning a tree stump made from chicken wire and paper mache covered with Paperclay. But in the meantime, I keep trying my little acrylic paintings and have ordered items to go in another sewing room shadowbox. If I get it finished in time, Becky can take it with her when she vends at the Charleston quilt show the first weekend in March. Did I mention that my good friend and fellow quilter and mini enthusiest purchased my other one???? Does that make me a professional? Hmmmm. I doubt it but by gosh, I'm going to find a way to fit miniatures in my schedule. Life is short--you've got to Carpe Diem and all of that.

Oh, and dadnabbit, somebody out there must be reading my blog (if a blogger types in a void and no one is there to read it, is she really blogging or typing to herself?) because I was outbid on the Snakewood vase by Bertie on eBay. And you know who you are!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you know ladybug is a sockee?? ;)

Sarah said...

Oh pretty pretty ! I love your tiny painting ! I've just recently gotten into miniatures and I'm building my first doll house !