Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mini Discoveries Around the WebThis beautiful dollhouse miniature vase is by Bertie Pittman of Decoys Shorebirds Woodturning Art on eBay. His work is absolutely stunning. I keep wanting a green one but I keep spending my bucks elsewhere and running out. This one is acrylic and his wood pieces are mini works of art as well. I have a bid in on one so don't run over there and outbid me if you happen to see this.
I saw this fairy beach house on Flickr. It is made by Check out their website for some gorgeous, whimsical fairy houses.
This is one of Keri Pajuttee's exquisite, realistic animals. This one is a Maine Coon cat. Check out the expression.
This pix I also found on Flickr by 'indisguise'. It was taken in 2006 at a Minnesota renfest, indisguise said which I took to be a Rennaissance festival as is the one below.
In case anyone is actually reading this (which the 0 comments indicate I am writing out here in a vaccuum but I persevere alone against the odds), since my time for mini creations is vastly limited lately and anytime in the foreseeable future, I will be posting great finds and discoveries I happen upon or search down on the internet. I do not mean to 'steal' anyone's original photography and will try my dead-level darndest to give credit to everyone for their work. And if you are one of those people I am showing here, I hope if anyone does happen by, that it increases your business.


Samantha said...

I just found your site and I've really been enjoying your showcase of talented artists. Hopefully you'll be able to show some of your own work soon!

I just visited Kerri Pajutee's website to take a look at her miniature animals... she's amazing! Seriously, I can't get over how realistic her animals look! It's nice to find out about artists I may never have heard of before - thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading too! Enjoying the things you've found around the web. Please keep it up!


Catinka said...

In reference to the thimble and cat pic - sorry, that has to be photoshopped. With a face that good at that size ( I know what it is to paint or sculpt at that scale) the tail and back end of the body are too unrealistic. The tail is awkward, puffs at the wrong places. The fur doesn't fall right according to gravity. etc. etc. I wish it were true as we see it. Such a cat was my first cat (though not that size).

Catinka said...

Oh boy, I must eat my words. i just saw the name of the artist in the comment above and looked up the site myself. The work is incredible. I still can't believe it... please forgive me.

Dawn said...

Love the fairy house. Thanks for finding it.

Nanny said...

I just found your page and loved reading your items..... you are not alone out there, please keep posting... I find great inspiration from artists such as yourself. Although I don't generally post comments, it sounded like you need acknowledgement of your sharing.... thank you!!