Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fierce Rooster PaintingThis is the culmiation of the past two mornings' painting efforts in miniature. I love roosters and this guy shows the fierce pride roosters generally take in themselves as the superior beings in the world.
A closer shot. Still a little tweaking I will do and therein lies my problem. I could dib and dab at these little efforts until kingdom comes but knowing when they're as good as I can get them is the problem.
I added a few more berry clusters to the black capped chicadee and declared him as good as I can get him. So sprayed him with varnish.
Likewise on the fox--he is varnished. Now my new friend, Peggy, I believe expressed an interest in him and if she would like to purchase him--or anyone out there would, drop me a line and let me know!


Hannajaleijona said...

Wow! Your work is amazing. I love the rooster painting.


Anonymous said...

The rooster is fantastic! A nice bold painting any mini homeowner would love!

Anonymous said...

Your rooster painting is excellent Jody. I'd never thought of roosters having expressions but you showed they certainly do! Congratulations, Esther, GSOLFOT