Monday, January 28, 2008

Some of my Miniature Holiday Bucks AcquisitionsIf you see my last post of photos I scanned from my beloved Veranda magazine, Fall and Winter issue of 1989 (and if you can't see these minute photos, go to my Flickr badge where you can click on them and see them in detail a little larger), you will see the red print sofa's and chairs that are there. While I couldn't find red florals, these red checked pieces from Lee's Line, were great substitutes. I really like the look and the craftsmanship.
This is a piece from Hobby Builders Supply and is from the Lincoln's Springfield home collection. While it is supposed to be an armoire, I plan to place it in the living room of my log home because it looks a lot like our entertainment center. The birch logs in the barrel are also very much like the barrel of logs in the Highlands log home of my dreams.
Purchased this hall tree because it is also like the one I inherited from my Aunt Mae Gramling. It sits in our entrance beside the front door and you can often even see it when it isn't completely covered with coats, hats and various other pieces of clothing.
I have already pictured this gorgeous bear hall tree from SP Miniatures which is so much like the one in the Highlands log home of my dreams (I should hyphenate that) and I think it's by Jeanetta Kendall. I love it.
Lastly, I had to picture the skis from SP Miniatures again. Made in Italy and they will go in the corner of my log home like the ones in the original. I'm adding these pix and others to my Flickr album so check it out if you have a minute.

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Noni The Oz said...

You really have an eye for quality pieces, I am impressed! Larger pics of the log cabin please :)